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Annual Festivals, Big Events & Parties In Joburg and Pretoria 2017

Events and festivals you should not miss! See our month-by-month calendar of Johannesburg's best, biggest and hottest events in 2017

Things To Do In Johannesburg - The Ultimate Guide 2017

Fun things to do, places to visit and must-see attractions in Joburg. Everything from shopping, outdoors and culture to nightlife.

Johannesburg Zoo - Activities, Animals, Entrance Fees, Info & More

A detailed guide on everything from the history of the zoo, animals it houses, feeding times, entrance fee, other activities, contact details and visuals.

Clubs In Sandton: Premium Nightclubs, Lounges & Bars

Sandton City's nightlife guide featuring some of the best clubs, pubs, and lounges. Prices, Events, Music; we've got all your night-owl needs covered!

Best 3 Things To Do in Soweto - South Africa

Soweto has plenty of highly rated things to do. Luckily for you, Vibescout have put together some of the top Things To Do in this culturally rich city.

Clubs in Johannesburg: Premium Nightclubs, Lounges, Bars & Pubs

The ultimate guide to Joburg's nightlife scene. Featuring the very best in premium nightclubs, pubs, lounges & bars. We've got your evening entertainment down!

Johannesburg Markets: Food, Farmers, Organic & More - Guide 2017

Experience the vibrancy of an inner-city market, browse for curios or unwind in the tranquility of a local farmer’s market.

Best 3 Things to Do in Nelspruit - South Africa

Nelspruit has plenty of highly rated things to do. We have made things simple by putting together some of the top things to do in this thriving subtropical city.

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National Women’s Day 2017 South Africa - 9th August: Ideas, Activities, Events & Celebrations

From live gigs and high teas, to gin tasting and Totalsports 10km runs - our guide covers all you need to know about Women's Day in South Africa 2017!

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor: Where to Watch it in South Africa?

All the details, times & costs you need to prepare for the "The Money Fight". You really don't want to miss out on the boxing match of the millennium!

40 of The Best Events in South Africa - August 2017

This month is packed with activities which cater to families across SA, expect to see wonderful live performances and buzzing markets to keep you going...

40 of The Best Events in South Africa - September 2017

We've created a list of the best events happening in September 2017, in SA’s biggest cities. Festivals & Concerts, Nightlife, Live Music, Street Parties & Comedy Shows.