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Things To Do In Johannesburg - The Ultimate Guide 2017

Fun things to do, places to visit and must-see attractions in Joburg. Everything from shopping, outdoors and culture to nightlife.

Clubs In Sandton: Premium Nightclubs, Lounges & Bars

Sandton City's nightlife guide featuring some of the best clubs, pubs, and lounges. Prices, Events, Music; we've got all your night-owl needs covered!

Annual Festivals, Big Events & Parties In Joburg and Pretoria 2017

Events and festivals you should not miss! See our month-by-month calendar of Johannesburg's best, biggest and hottest events in 2017

Clubs in Johannesburg: Premium Nightclubs, Lounges, Bars & Pubs

The ultimate guide to Joburg's nightlife scene. Featuring the very best in premium nightclubs, pubs, lounges & bars. We've got your evening entertainment down!

Johannesburg Markets: Food, Farmers, Organic & More - Guide 2017

Experience the vibrancy of an inner-city market, browse for curios or unwind in the tranquility of a local farmer’s market.

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Mandela Day 2017 - South Africa: 19 Ways to Pay Homage (Ideas, Events & Activities)

Mandela Day gives us the opportunity to be charitable and selfless! We have a list of 19 ways to commemorate the 18th of July across South Africa.

40 Of The Best Events in South Africa - August 2017

This month is packed with activities which cater to families across SA, expect to see wonderful live performances and buzzing markets to keep you going...

Contiki Tours 2017 : Europe to Thailand - Things You Need To Know

If you're looking to experience a piece of the world with a Contiki Tour group, we've got the basics down for you. Prices, pros, cons, and deals etc.

40 Of The Best Events In South Africa - July 2017

This July brings in the rainy season for parts of South Africa, but that doesn't mean there is a shortage of events and activities happening near you!

Backpacking South Africa: The Ultimate Guide

All you need to know about backpacking in South Africa. Cities to visit, adrenaline-fuelled activities, unforgettable sights and the best backpackers by region.