Things To Do in Pretoria - The Ultimate Guide 2017
Things To Do in Pretoria - The Ultimate Guide 2017
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Things To Do in Pretoria - The Ultimate Guide 2017
Fun things to do, places to visit and must-see attractions in Pretoria. Everything from shopping, outdoors and culture to nightlife.
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Things To Do in Pretoria - The Ultimate Guide 2017

Fun things to do, places to visit and must-see attractions in Pretoria. Everything from shopping, outdoors and culture to nightlife.
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Things To Do in Pretoria - The Ultimate Guide 2017
Fun things to do, places to visit and must-see attractions in Pretoria. Everything from shopping, outdoors and culture to nightlife.

Pretoria was founded in 1855 by Marthinus Pretorius, a Voortrekker leader. The city was named after his father, Andries Pretorius. The blossoming purple trees that decorate the streets explain the name, Jacaranda city.

It is a city metropolis with an unchanged natural landscape comprising of various thriving nature conservations.

Today, Pretoria is known as the City of Tshwane, named after the nearby river known to locals as the Apies River (“monkey’s river”).

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Outdoor Attractions & Adventures

Horseback Africa

Horseback Safari Tour

Horseback Africa is a comprehensive African experience that covers all aspects of outdoor fun, from touring the terrain on horseback to walks with lions and even safari tours on horseback.

They offer pristine accommodation with full catering services. It’s a fantastic and thoroughly unique way to view the wildlife Pretoria has to offer.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 5pm
  • Contact Number: 012 735 9909
  • Address: Tourist route 4, Sand Road, Pretoria
  • More Info: Horseback Africa

Ludwig’s Rose Farm

Eat and See the Roses at Ludwig Farm

Ludwig’s Rose Farm is a tranquil and quiet venue, featuring a restaurant in the centre of the most spectacular rose garden. Arrange a picnic for the family on the lush grounds or enjoy their famous breakfast and teas.

Visitors can expect to enjoy taking a break here to stop and smell the roses, literally!

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 5pm
  • Contact Number: 012 817 2099
  • Address: Plot 4, tygervalley, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria
  • More Info: Ludwig’s Rose Farm

Pretoria National Botanical Garden

Walking in Pretoria Botanical Gardens

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens is one of the nine spectacular gardens South Africa has to offer. It spans over 76 hectares of land divided into two bio-domes.

The garden is home to a variety of flora and fauna holding 50% of South African tree species. Up to 50 hectares of the garden is developed and made up entirely of indigenous plant life.

The garden is a unique bridge between scientific research and recreational activities. Bird lovers can enjoy some quiet bird watching from one of the many hides.

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can set off on one of the many hiking trails.

The gardens offer visitors an array of activities, from gift shopping at the store on site to luncheons at African Pride Cafe overlooking the wetlands.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R30pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 6pm
  • Contact Number: 012 804 4992
  • Address: 2 Cussonia Ave, Brummeria
  • More Info: Pretoria Botanical Gardens

Picnics in Pretoria

Visitors are welcome to bring their own lunch and have a picnic on the magnificent garden grounds. The abundance of quiet green parks provide welcome quiet breaks in the thriving metropolis of Pretoria.

Springbok Park

Visit the Springbok Park Botanical Garden

Springbok Park is one of the oldest parks and a national monument. Visitors describe it as more of a botanical garden than a city park. Why not take a short walk through the lush vegetation?

Located in Hatfield, next to the Dros on the corner of Pretorius and Grosvenor Street, this park is free to enter and easily accessible.

Tip: Don’t visit the park at night as safety could be a concern after dark.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Open 24 hours
  • Contact Number: 012 804 4992
  • Address: Grosvenor Street, Pretoria

Jan Cilliers Park

Contains indigenous plants and water features
Pretoria South

Another favourite in the wide selection of parks to visit is Jan Cilliers Park. It’s the perfect spot to feed the ducks and walk your dogs.

Found on the corner of Wenning Street and Broderick Street, in the quiet suburb of Groenkloof, Jan Cilliers Park boasts plenty of indigenous flora and fauna.

The park is home to many ponds enjoyed by schools of fish, and ducks and geese use the park as part of their migratory routes. It is a dog-friendly park, but visitors are required to pick up after their pets.

Tip: Visits during the wet seasons are best to enjoy the mature Protea collection.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Open 24 hours
  • Contact Number: 082 546 5577
  • Address: Broderick Street , Pretoria

Freedom Park

The more recently built Freedom Park is situated on Salvokop, it features a memorial for soldiers lost in the South African Wars and lives lost during the battle for equality.

Spanning over 50 hectares on an untouched natural hill, it is a landscape that reminds us how precious freedom is.

Tip: Visit the Hapo Museum located on the grounds of Freedom Park for some cultural history.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 4pm
  • Contact Number: 0800 701 701
  • Address: Koch Street, Salvokop
  • More Info: Freedom Park

Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Pretoria offers plenty of opportunities and places to view wildlife in wide open spaces. From hedgehogs to cheetahs, birds and reptiles to lions, you can come and see them all.

International Primate Rescue

One of the many Primates at the Centre

The International Primate Rescue was founded in 1996 by Sue Mousley, and originally known as the Marmoset Welfare Foundation. She was fascinated with the study of behavioural problems with non-human primates.

Located on Boundary Road in Pretoria, the sanctuary now houses over 100 primates from all over the world. It was the first of its kind and the aim is to provide a near-wild experience for all primates living within the sanctuary walls.

They educate owners or future primate owners on the pros and cons of having a primate as a pet and their doors are always open to hand-reared primates that cannot be released into the wild. It is a fun educational experience for the whole family.

Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

Cheetah in its natural habitat

Previously known as the De Wildt Cheetah Centre, the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre has been crucial to the preservation of the species.

The cheetah centre is situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains to the west of Pretoria North. On arrival, expect an extensive and interesting talk about the history of the centre and its breeding program.

The centre breeds in captivity to later release into the wild, ensuring a wide gene pool and adding to the number of endangered wild cheetahs living in South Africa.

Get your photo taken with the king cheetah and take the time to experience the cheetah run. You won’t regret it.

  • Contact Number: 012 504 9906
  • Address: R513, Brits, 0251
  • More Info: Dewildt

Groenkloof Nature Reserve


In 1895, President Kruger proclaimed the land on the southern outskirts of Pretoria as a game sanctuary. The Groenkloof Nature Reserve was the first game sanctuary of its kind in South Africa, stretching across 600 hectares.

Situated 5km from the city, the Groenkloof Nature Reserve offers a variety of activities and ways to view the wildlife in their natural habitat. They also have horse trails, mountain biking and jeep rides throughout the park. Some of the wildlife includes:

  • Zebra
  • Jackal
  • Duiker
  • Kudu
  • Impala
  • Blue Wildebeest
  • Blesbuck
  • Red Hartebeest
  • Ostrich
  • Giraffe
  • Sable

Overnight facilities are available and they also run youth camps that accommodate groups of up to 60 people.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R25pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 5:30 - 19:00
  • Contact Number: 012 440 8316
  • Address: 44 Simon Vermooten Road, Meyers Park
  • More Info: Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Points of Interest

Fort Schanskop

See the views at Fort Schanskop

Fort Schanskop is set on one of the highest points in Pretoria, commanding breathtaking views. President Paul Kruger had originally planned to build eight forts in an effort to protect Pretoria from foreign and domestic threats, but only four were completed due to lack of funds.

In 1994, the Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve purchased Fort Schanskop for the low price of R400. The fort is now a Military Museum, displaying various scenes of the Anglo Boer War, from photographs of horses to a weapons cache.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R22.00pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 5pm
  • Contact Number: 012 326 6770
  • Address: Eeufees Road, Groenkloof
  • More Info: Fort Schanskop

Pretoria City Hall

Visit the Pretoria City Hall

The Pretoria City Hall was designed by F.G. McIntosh, who won the privilege of its construction during a competition.

The poor economy at the time meant that construction spanned from 1931 to 1935. The hall is a popular venue for hosting weddings, birthdays, concerts and exhibitions.

With Pretoria City Square at its feet, the city hall overlooks the beautifully maintained garden which boasts various water displays - the ideal family picnic spot.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • Free
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon - Fri : 7:30am - 4pm
  • Contact Number: 012 358 8949
  • Address: Pali Kruger Street, Pretoria
  • More Info: Pretoria City Hall

Union Buildings

Picnic at the Union Buildings

The Union Buildings are central to South African history and now represent the change the country endured. Besides being a governmentally significant building, it is alive with culture, housing many museums, monuments and theatres.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • Free
  • Operating Hours:
    • Open 24 hours
  • Contact Number: 012 300 5200
  • Address: Goverment Ave, Pretoria
  • More Info: Union Buildings

Theatres in Pretoria

South African State Theatre

Royal Moscow Ballet Performing on stage

The South African State Theatre is South Africa’s National Flagship Theatre, internationally acclaimed and recognised, it's a hub of entertainment. Showcasing a variety of shows suited for all ages and tastes alike, their mission is to ensure the very best of local art work is presented in the best manner.

Barnyard Theatre

Enjoy a hot meal and performance at Barnyard

The Barnyard Theatre in Pretoria does not disappoint, much like the other Barnyard venues they too know how to put on a show. It revives the 'dinner and a show' trend of the past with its fun interactive shows that are family friendly.

The only one of the Barnyard Theatres that also hosts an Afrikaans Theatre, Musiekskuur is an intimate theatre that showcases the best in local Afrikaans performers, with tailored shows for Afrikaans speaking patrons.

Museums in Pretoria

The National Cultural Museum

The National Cultural Museum is one of South Africa’s most comprehensive documentations of the life of South Africans from the early Stone Age up until today.

During the museum's relocation from the former Market Square, it merged with the Transvaal Museum which later became independent again only to merge with the South African National Museum of History. Each Museum is operated independently, but managed by the same board.

Housing famous displays such as the San Art Exhibition and the Marabastad Exhibit, the National Cultural Museum is a must visit.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R20.00 / R35.00pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 4pm
  • Contact Number: 021 324 6082
  • Address: 149 Visagie Street, Pretoria
  • More Info: The National Cultural Museum

The Pretoria Art Musuem

See the various art at Pretoria Art Museum

The Pretoria Art Museum is an art gallery that occupies an entire city block in Pretoria - an impressive block of art! The museum has local, international and travelling exhibits. The museum is home to thousands of installations any art lover would appreciate.

  • Entrance Fees:
    • R5.00 - R22.00pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Tues - Sun: 10am to 5pm
  • Contact Number: 012 358 6750
  • Address: Cnr Schoeman and Wessels Str, Arcadia Park, Pretoria
  • More Info: Pretoria Art Museum

SAAF Museum

Check out South Africas Air Force at the Museum

The South African Air Force Museum houses exhibits and restores material related to the South African Air Force. The museum is spread over three locations of which Pretoria’s is the largest, occupying five aircraft hangers.

The Pretoria exhibit is located in Centurion just outside the city limits. It contains a number of Dassault Mirage IIIs, Dassault Mirage F1s, Atlas Cheetahs and various other historical aircrafts as well as aviation paraphernalia.

  • Entrance Fees:
    • Free
  • Operating Hours:
    • Wed - Sat : 9am - 3pm
  • Contact Number: 012 351 2290
  • Address: Zwartkop Airfield, Valhalla
  • More Info: The Air Force Museum

Kruger House

The Paul Kruger House is situated a block from the famous Market Square where the first church in Pretoria was erected, which later burnt down. Built in 1884 by architect Tom Claridge, the structure is quite unique, creating an impression of a Victorian styled building with a twist.

During the construction of the President's house, the cement used was considered to be inferior, so builders decided to mix it with milk instead of water. Paul Kruger’s house was also the first in the city to have the luxury of electricity and a working telephone.

Recently refurbished, visitors can expect to find an array of interesting artefacts used and collected by the president himself before his exile to Europe. The house displays simple furniture replicated according to the original unpretentious feel it once held.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R20.00 / R85.00pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Contact Number: 012 000 0010
  • Address: 60 WF Nkomo Street, Pretoria
  • More Info: Presidential Paul Kruger House


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Markets & Shopping

Pretoria Markets

If shopping indoors is not your thing, take a look at the various markets on offer.

Duncan Yard

Duncan Yard

Duncan Yard is a feast for the eyes, especially those who enjoy photography. The exclusive Kid’s Yard stocks goods for the young ones.

Duncan Yard offers shoppers a creative shopping and dining experience in an ambient atmosphere. The 5 minute walk from the Gautrain station makes it easy to reach.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 9am - 5pm
  • Contact Number: 012 362 2224
  • Address: Duncan Street, Pretoria
  • More Info: Duncan Yard

Tshwane Market

TSHWANE MARKET, Fresh Local Produce

Visit the Tshwane Market for mind-blowing bargains. From Fresh produce to locally made crafts, the Tshwane Market is a local hotspot for everyone.

Pretoria Famers Market

Best of Pretoria's Fresh Fruit

Arrive early to experience the best of Pretoria Farmers Market. It’s a colourful selection of fresh fruit and other farm produce with friendly vendors and superb service.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R10.00pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Sat, 5:30am - 9:30pm
  • Contact Number: 079 987 1025
  • Address: Pioneers Museum, Silverton
  • More Info: Pretoria Farmers Market

Hazel Food Market

Food Lovers enjoy the Hazel Food Market

Hazel Food Market is a food lover’s dream, offering a night market on certain nights with a different feel to the day market. Visitors should arrive hungry as you would want to try everything at least once.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • R25.00pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Sat, 8:30am - 2pm
  • Contact Number: 078 593 7716
  • Address: 64 12th street, Pretoria
  • More Info: Hazel Food Market

Shopping in Pretoria

Pretoria offers a variety of shopping experiences, including everything from markets to brand name stores and tempting restaurants.

Grove Mall

Shopping and Entertainment at Grove Mall
Grove Mall

Visit the Grove Mall for all your shopping requirements, from clothing stores to biltong cafes. Have a meal at one of the restaurants or fast food venues.

They also have an IMAX theatre. Don’t forget to take the kids to visit the Grove Ice Rink while you’re there.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 10pm
  • Contact Number: 012 807 0963
  • Address: Lynnwood Rd & Simone Vermooten Rd, Pretoria
  • More Info: Grove Mall

Menlyn Maine Central

Eat and shop and Menlyn Maine Central Square

Menlyn Maine Central Square is an art-filled shopping extravaganza. From shopping to the gym, Menlyn Maine strives for convenience and self-sustainability. It is a green centre, hosting a hotel and many restaurants as well.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Weekdays 7:30am - 10pm
    • Weekends 7:30am - 9pm
  • Contact Number: 012 361 7758
  • Address: Corobay Ave, pretoria
  • More Info: Menlyn Maine Central Square

Things to Do with Kids

Children often feel left out on holiday as there aren't many child-friendly activities available in most cities, but Pretoria does not disappoint in this regard.

Pretoria Zoo

Tiger chilling in the sun at Pretoria Zoo

Formally known as the National Zoological Gardens, the zoo covers 85 hectares. Housing over 1 000 different animal species, from reptiles to mammals, the Pretoria Zoo is the largest zoo in South Africa, situated only 5,4km from the city centre.

It was founded by J.W.B. Gunnin in 1899 and is one of the top 10 in the world. Some of the animals you may see at the Pretoria Zoo include:

  • Elephants
  • Bears
  • White tigers
  • Zebras
  • Giraffes
  • Lions
  • Pygmy Hippopotamus
  • Western Lowland Gorilla
  • Black Rhinoceros

The zoo is completely wheelchair friendly and visitors are encouraged to wear comfy shoes and bring sunscreen. It is easy to get there via the Gautrain and then a bus from the nearest station that heads straight for the zoo.

The zoo offers special night time visits to view the animals in their nocturnal environment. You could even book a fully supervised overnight camp. They have an exciting list of activities for all ages and the list keeps growing with new exhibits regularly posted on their website.
  • Entrance Fee:
    • R70 - R110pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 4pm
  • Contact Number: 012 339 2700
  • Address: 232 Boom Street, Pretoria
  • Read More: Pretoria Zoo

Zita park

Splash about the Zita Park pool with Family

A water wonderland right in the heart of Pretoria. Zita park features massive sprawling lawns for your kids to frolic and what better way to beat the sun than take a dip in their swimming pool.

Some of the attractions at Zita park are:

  • Water Slide
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Play Park

Catch up on some tanning while your kids are amply entertained at this affordable venue.

Tip: Don’t forget your sunblock, even with cloud cover the sun’s harmful rays still burn us.
  • Entrance Fee: R4 Kids under 17, R6 Adults
  • Operating Hours: Everyday from 9am - 6pm
  • Contact Number: 072 428 2408
  • Address: Zita St, Pretoria, 0042, South Africa
  • More Info: Zita Park

Gotcha Paintball

Recreate guerilla warfare combat scenarios

If your kids are anything like the typical Pretorian children then they love action sports. Gotcha Paintball is a fun activity you can partake in with your children.

With 5 different playing fields, the terrain will not leave you wanting. Their aim is to provide the safest paintball experience for the whole family. Whether you are a seasoned player or it’s your first time, fun is guaranteed.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • Starts at R140pp
  • Opening Times:
    • Wed-Sun, 9am - 4:30pm
  • Contact Number: 086 146 8242
  • Address: 95 Zinnia Ave, Pretoria
  • More Info: Gotcha Paintball

Bester Birds & Animal Zoo Park

A bird enjoying some well earned lunch
Travel Ground

The Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park mission is conservation. Their motto “conservation through conversation” is exactly what you can expect when visiting.

They have various programmes set out especially for different demographics, speaking to visitors on a level they will understand.

Situated just east of Pretoria near the Grove Mall, it was started by Mike Bester in 1980. The sanctuary was originally a bird store but now they have over 55 different bird species and 40 varieties of animals.

There is a large farm area with various people-friendly animals that children are encouraged to touch and interact with. Visitors are provided with two bowls of tasty animal treats and taught to feed the animals and handle them correctly.

The aim is to educate and inform. The facility hosts private functions but bookings are essential.

  • Entrance Fees:
    • R45 - R50pp
  • Operating Hours:
    • Tue-Sun, 9am - 5pm
  • Contact Number: 012 807 4192
  • Address: 44 Simon Vermooten Road, Meyers Park
  • More Info: Bester Birds & Animal Zoo Park

Kinderplaas Zoo

The Kinderplaas Zoo (Children's Zoo), is a facility catering specially for children of all ages. It was founded in 1980 to educate children about domestic farm animals.

Billy and Eran Cahill started the farm on a small holding in Centurion, Gauteng. Children are given the opportunity to come into contact with farm animals by feeding, touching and smelling them, giving them a new appreciation for these domesticated animals.

All activities are conducted in a fun, safe and interesting manner. Guided tours of the facility are available thanks to guides from the Tshwane Metro Department of Nature Conservation.

The facilities on the farm include two play areas, a snack shop, braai (barbecue) facilities and a reptile enclosure.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon - Sat, 9am - 4:30pm
  • Contact Number: 012 330 2780
  • Address: 696 Frederika Street, Pretoria
  • More Info: Kinderplaas Zoo

Restaurants and Coffee

Coffee in Pretoria

Pure Cafe Restaurant and Speciality Coffee Shop

A breakfast worth waking up early for

Pure Cafe prides itself on only using the freshest ingredients. Boasting a fresh flavoured menu with something to suite everyone's taste buds. With an ever present owner who is meticulous about attention to detail, the cheery green environment is a pleasure to be involved in.

Tip: Kids rave about the strawberry milkshake chocolate surprise.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sat, 7am - 3pm
  • Contact Number: 012 342 1443
  • Address: 137 Thomson St, Pretoria
  • More Info: Pure Cafe

Grounded At Echo

A place to relax, chat and drink great coffee!

Grounded Cafe was started as a place for people to come, chill and unwind, an escape from everyday life. It has now turned into a very happening coffee spot with its constant arrival of regulars who come to meet, drink, chat and sometimes even work. The flow of regulars lets us know that they know how to make a good coffee.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 6am - 6pm
    • Saturdays 8am - 3pm
  • Contact Number: 012 329 0159
  • Address: 353 24th Ave, Pretoria
  • More Info: Grounded Coffee

Restaurants in Pretoria

Karoo Cafe

Start your day off the right way

The Karoo Cafe is unlike any other. Their aim is to educate the community on self sustainability and to create an environmentally conscious following. The education doesn’t stop there, they strive to provide platforms for local artists to exhibit, perform or showcase and share their talents.

It is a home style cafe with free range chickens wandering about boasting a farm style kitchen and menu. With so much to see at the cafe visitors are often returning to find new gems in this gold mine.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 7am - 9pm
    • Saturday 8am - 6pm
    • Sunday 8am - 3pm
  • Contact Number: 012 807 6063
  • Address: Corner of Lynnwood and Albeth, Pretoria
  • More Info: Karoo Cafe

Kream Brooklyn

GLobal cuisine with a South African twist
Hyatt Regency

Founded in 2007 by Tufan Yerebaken, Kream is a trendy upmarket restaurant that serves modern dishes in an artistic environment. There are many seating options from private booths, intimate tables and terrace seating, it caters for all clientele.

Priding themselves on the friendly service and menu that is the best value for money Kream invites you to taste a bit of the Kream Kulture.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sat, 12pm - 10:30pm
    • Sunday 12pm - 2:30pm
  • Contact Number: 012 346 4642
  • Address: 570 Fehrsen St, Pretoria
  • More Info: Kream

La Penolta

Warm, delightful and eclectic décor

La Penolta derives its flavours from Italian, French and Mediterranean roots. With only the freshest local produce reaching your plate. Open for lunch and dinner this African-infused restaurant promises a night of dining you won’t easily forget.

With world renown chef and author Shane Savages at the helm, they serve a few more dangerous dishes for the avid foodies - crocodile in a Mexican chilli pastry.

Tip: Come hungry, you will want to try more than one thing on the menu.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Tue - Sun
      • 12pm - 3pm
      • 5:30pm - 10pm
  • Contact Number: 012 329 4028
  • Address: 5 Wells Street, Pretoria
  • More Info: La Penolta


A landmark in Pretoria, Capeesh has been open for over 10 years. The Italian restuarant is Pretoria’s favourite local hangout. They pride themselves on making everyone feel like apart of their big family.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 12pm -11pm
  • Contact Number: 012 346 1932
  • Address: Fehrsen St, Pretoria
  • More Info: Capeesh

Relax & Unwind

Spas in Pretoria

After a long day of exploring the city of Pretoria, you might want to visit one of the superb spas.

Sweet Face and Thai Massage Parlour

Head down to Sweet Face Thai Massage parlour in the heart of Brooklyn, Pretoria. Choose from a range of different massages to suit all your needs, from yoga application massage to hot oil massage.

With over 25 years of experience and highly skilled therapists, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Kievits Kroon Spa

Get a relaxing Massage at Kevets Kroon Spa

Kievits Kroon Spa combines accommodation and relaxation, hard to resist. It serves as a business retreat or the ideal family vacation.

Romance is their speciality and they cater specifically for each individual's needs. The lodging is mansion-like and all guests are treated like VIPs.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 6am - 10pm
  • Contact Number: 0860 543 848
  • Address: 41 Reier Road, Kameeldrift
  • More Info: Kievits Kroon Spa

Camdeboo Day Spa

Located on the grounds of the beautiful Irene Country Lodge, the Camdeboo Day Spa is surrounded by magnificent views.

The Camdeboo Spa is named after the white stinkwood trees that are abundant in the area. Offering a variety of treatments with a modern sophisticated twist, their philosophy is simple and creates a sense of balance.

Camdeboo has four treatment rooms, a sauna, a Techno gym, an outdoor pool, heated Jacuzzis and a lovely restaurant.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 7pm
  • Contact Number: 021 667 6464
  • Address: Nellmapius Drive, Pretoria
  • More Info: Camdeboo Day Spa

Klippenbosch Day Spa

Spa in the indigenous wildlife just outside pretoria
Health Spa Guide

The Klippenbosch Day Spa is located 35km from Pretoria East and is secluded and intimate with an indigenous feel.

Guests are greeted with a cold drink on arrival and surrounded by friendly and attentive hosts. The spa is surrounded by natural wildlife, providing a true African experience.

Meals are carefully prepared on-site with attention to the right nutritional elements for balance between the body and the organs.

Enjoy a walk on the beach just clear of the tranquil bushveld, in between treatments. Limited accommodation is available at the self-catering luxury cottage, so book early.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Tues - Sat, 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Contact Number: 011 964 1278
  • Address: 35 km east of Pretoria, out on M6
  • More Info: Klippenbosch

Inner Soul Art Lounge & Day Spa

Inner Soul Art Lounge & Day Spa is a modern twist on what a spa should be. Relax under the healing of touch therapy by one of the many qualified therapists at Inner Soul.

Heal your soul with art classes on offer or take a browse through the onsite art gallery featuring many fine art pieces.

Bushman's Rock Spa

Get a massage at Bushmans Rock Spa

Just outside Pretoria you will find the Bushman’s Rock Spa that forms part of the Bushman’s Rock Country Lodge.

The entire establishment is built on the Dinokeng Game Reserve and the spa itself is on the edge of the river that feeds the Roodeplaat Dam.

There is easy access to and from the main centres of Gauteng. They provide treatments and healing through touch, sound and aromatherapy.

The lodge and spa is a wonderful destination for that special weekend getaway.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8:30am - 5:30pm
  • Contact Number: 083 778 5360
  • Address: Plot 570 Wewer Road, Kameeldrift East
  • More Info: Bushman’s Rock Spa

Golfing in Pretoria

Pretoria Country Club

Situated in pretorias most prestigious suburbs

The Pretoria Country Club is the epitome of luxury golfing and dining all rolled into one giant perfectly manicured package. One of the oldest golf clubs in South africa, the club is rich with history and culture. A few of the facilities the club offers are:

  • 6 Squash Courts, 2 of which are glass backed
  • 6 All Weather Tennis Courts
  • A Par 72 Golf Course
  • 2 Restaurants
Tip: They do bridge events.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 8am - 6pm
  • Contact Number: 012 460 6242
  • Address: 241 Sidney St, Pretoria,
  • More Info: Pretoria Country Club

Waterkloof Golf Club

David Mcintyre action shot

Located in Pretoria East, Waterkloof Golf Club has become a landmark to all who pass it. Pristine lawns stretch out to the horizon and can be seen from up high above in the sky. Golfing doesn’t get any better than this.

Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf is mini golf at its best, with waterfalls and rolling mini green hills, it’s fun for the whole family. Ticket prices include three games, so you can challenge yourselves and best your last score.

  • Entrance Fee:
    • Kids under 7 - R60
    • Adults - R90
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 9am - 10pm
  • Contact Number: 011 447 3045
  • Address: Fourways Mall
  • More Info: Adventure Golf

Things to Do at Night

Choosing to party the night away or just enjoy some drinks with friends? This guide will help you find the ideal spot.

Bars in Pretoria


Party at Aandkas
Heinz Steyn Photography

Aandklas is in Hatfield Square, a short 5 minute walk from the Gautrain station. Open seven nights a week, they keep the drinks flowing and the party going.

Aandklas is a rock ’n roll pub that features an array of fun events every night of the week. Aandklas also offers a variety of delicious foods to keep you fuelled for the rest of the party.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 11am - 2pm
  • Contact Number: 012 362 3712
  • Address: 494 Hilda Street, pretoria
  • Latest events: Aandklas


Selection of Beers at Beerhouse Pretoria

The formerly famous Firkin Pub now houses the third Beerhouse venue. Speciality nights on most nights of the week make it a fun place to be.

Beerhouse has one of the largest varieties of beer in South Africa, housing over 30 on tap. More than 99 bottles have an emphasis on the World and SA craft beer movement.

It’s a family friendly venue with an interesting full food menu which takes inspiration from all over the world, neatly paired with the right beers.

Beerhouse displays big ticket sporting events on their overhead projector, keeping you up to date with the score while you sample the many craft beers on tap.

Beerhouse Centurion is a family friendly venue with a full food service menu.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 10:00 - 02:00
  • Contact Number: 012 663 1211
  • Address: 1262 Embankment Road, Centurion
  • Latest events: Beerhouse

Hogshead Hazelwood

A cosy South African upmarket cheerful restaurant and bar, Hogshead is known for their burgers and decor. A uniquely decorated venue treat your eyes to tastefully selected pieces. With four SAB beers on tap and over 12 local craft beers to choose from, you won’t leave thirsty.

From the pewter counter top bar to the raw leather finishes, every detail was carefully selected to bring you the Hoghead experience. There are HD screens scattered throughout the venue for all big ticket games to be viewed.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sun, 12am - 2pm
  • Contact Number: 084 643 8002
  • Address: 18 Dely Rd, Hazelwood
  • More Info: Hogshead

Clubs in Pretoria

Recess the Venue

Get in Groove with the DJ at Recess in Pretoria

Found in the heart of Centurion, this multi-leveled night club is famous for its themed events.

The large Venue has 6 bars, multiple lounges as well as separate smoking areas and offers VIP booths with full bottle service as well.

Recess the Venue has a diverse musical range and their long standing relationships with popular DJs provide visitors with an exceptional club experience.

The venue is a must-see offering complete with the best laser-light show and a LED video wall.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Fri, 7pm - 4am
  • Contact Number: 012 663 7862
  • Address: Southlake Centre Lenchen Street, Centurion
  • Latest Events: Recess the Venue

Madison Avenue Pretoria

A big night out ar Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue opens its third venue in Pretoria, continuing their tradition of high standards.

Superb video and light shows accompany sensational DJs during their performances. Bookings and reservations are welcome, there are a variety of VIP booths available that come with private security.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Sat, 8pm - 4am
  • Address: Southlake Centre, Centurion
  • Latest Events: Madison Avenue

Transport, Weather & History

The History of Tshwane

The city is rich in history, offering a buffet of diverse cultures and stories of how they integrated after Mandela became president in 1994.

Some of these stories are painful, but they are part of what makes South Africa and Pretoria what it is. What serves as a painful reminder for some is now a remembrance of the fight won through unity.

Weather in Pretoria

Summer stretches from November through to early March in South Africa. Pretoria usually sees highs of 28 degrees Celsius in the afternoons and a cooling temperature of 15 degrees overnight. December brings damp air and cooling rain to the often humid atmosphere.

The occasional thunderstorms and lightning is a favourite weather trait here - usually harmless and lasting only a few minutes. It is frequently overcast or mildly cloudy but don't be fooled by this, the sun's harmful UV rays cause massive sunburn without sunscreen protection.

Winters in Pretoria last from June to the end of August. Expect frosty mornings and below freezing temperatures at night. The city has a rather dry winter with very little rainfall and the occasional sunny day.

For an accurate weather forecast, visit AccuWeather

Travelling in Pretoria

Pretoria might be a small city but it has many transportation networks to help you get around. Transport can be quite pricey while travelling which is why locals suggest public transportation.


Take the gautrain

It is an 80km rapid transit system that runs throughout the entire province of Gauteng. It makes traveling from city to city simple, fast and cost efficient.

There are two Gautrain stations in Pretoria: Pretoria Station and Hatfield Station. The Gautrain station is shared with Metrorail in Pretoria CBD during peak morning hours.

The Gautrain is connected to other forms of public transport like taxis, buses and the Metrorail public train system. These services are fully integrated and may be used separately or jointly by transferring from one to another.

The Gautrain bus services operate from 5:30 - 20:30 on work days. Bus tickets are reduced when you use the bus within 20 minutes of using the train, helping users to make green choices that have less impact on the environment as Pretoria is a hub for conservationists.

  • Opening Hours:
    • Daily, 4:45am - 9:30pm
  • Contact Number: 0800 428 87246
  • More Info: Gautrain

Rent a Car

Car rental options available include:

Mini Bus Taxis

Like all South African cities Pretoria is well stocked with mini bus services throughout the city and city limits. This form of transportation is one of the cheapest methods to get around.

However, it comes with the same risks one would take using any other public transport. Be vigilant and don’t show off or display expensive belongings. Taxi drivers are very helpful and will let you know exactly where to get off.

Private Taxi Services

Private taxi services are abundant in the city. This list will help you find the right fit for your pocket and plans.

  • Rixi Taxi
  • Hendrick Metered Taxi Services
  • Zebra Cabs
  • Heinrich’s Taxis

Scheduled City Tours

Bookings are essential for touring the city. Knowledgeable guides will show you all Pretoria has to offer, whether it be a shuttle visiting landmarks or a guided walking tour of all the local hotspots.

Tour 2.0 provides catered tours for foodies, city explorers and even foot traffic touring. Mystery Ghost Bus Tour is not for the fainthearted. A themed tour of haunted locations and night rides are on offer. You can even risk booking a sit-down meal in a haunted house, if you dare…

Pretoria is a city that provides one of the largest varieties of entertainment, from picnicking at the botanical garden to walking with lions, visiting an air force museum or taking a ride at a local waterpark.

It is a student metropolis with a small world feel and the friendliest people you will ever meet. Out of the three capital cities in South Africa, Pretoria is the research centre and truly comes alive with culture and history.

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