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V&A Waterfront

Nu Metro V&A Waterfront (Cape Town). See all the latest movie info, showtimes, release dates, trailers & ratings.

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Shop 223, Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001


2D: Adult (R85) | Kids & Pen (R65) 3D: Adult (R105) | Kids & Pen (R85) 4D: 2D & 3D (R190) Scene VIP: 2D & 3D (R150) Woza Wednesday: 2D (R60) | 3D (R70) Sanlam (Mon to Fri): 2D (R49.50) | 3D (R64.89) Momentum: 2D (R55.52) | 3D (R74.03) | Scene VIP 2D & 3D (R104.89) ABSA: 2D (R56.95) | 3D (R70.35) | Scene VIP 2D (R132) | Scene VIP 3D (R132)

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V&A Waterfront