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17 Best Camping Sites in the Western Cape | Cape Town - 2019 

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17 Best Camping Sites in the Western Cape | Cape Town - 2019
Cape Town is the perfect playground for camping. We've put together a list of the top camping spots in & around Cape Town: Info, prices, location, activities...
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17 Best Camping Sites in the Western Cape | Cape Town - 2019

Cape Town is the perfect playground for camping. We've put together a list of the top camping spots in & around Cape Town: Info, prices, location, activities...
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17 Best Camping Sites in the Western Cape | Cape Town - 2019
Cape Town is the perfect playground for camping. We've put together a list of the top camping spots in & around Cape Town: Info, prices, location, activities...

With Spring in full bloom, what could be better than pitching a tent and spending a few nights drinking in the tranquil sights and sounds of the Western Cape? For us, nothing quite compares!

But with so many campsites in Cape Town, it’s hard to make a decision on the perfect camping spot. So to help you tick “Destination??” off your list, we’ve put together a list of the best spots to go camping in the Western Cape.

The figures mentioned in this article are as of 24th May 2017

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This unassuming harbour town is based 90 kilometers outside of Cape Town and has a small population of 1200 people. The seaside village offers beautiful beaches, wildlife and indigenous flora.

And better yet, it’s home to the hidden gem that is !Khwa ttu

!Khwa ttu

Bask in the beauty of the golden hour @KhwattuSan

This place is truly special! Staying at !Khwa ttu gives you the chance to take a look into fascinating world of the San people.

With museums, guided tours and exceptional art work on site, a weekend away in the !Khwa ttu bush camp can be truly inspiring.

The bush camp has five large pre-pitched tents, each of which has 2 single beds and a small lounge area. The campsites all have access to communal bathrooms, a kitchen and a boma.

!Kwha ttu is unique, it’s a fascinating blend of culture, history and adventure; it’s the absolute perfect getaway!

  • Cost: R325 pp per night
  • Where:
    • Grootwater Farm, R27, Yzerfontein
    • 70km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: !Khwa ttu:

Other things to do in Yzerfontein:

  • Tackle a 16 mile hiking trail on the beach
  • Visit the !Khwa ttu educational centre
  • Explore the Blombosch 4x4 trail
  • Visit the Vyge Valley farmers market


Paternoster, meaning “Our Father”, is a small fishing town situated along the West Coast. It is one of the oldest fishing towns in the Western Cape and has become a favourite tourist attraction over the last few years.

What better way to embrace this quaint town than to spend the weekend with your toes in the sand at the rustic Beach Camp?

The Beach Camp

Take it easy in this trendy eco-village @larencyphers

This is definitely an all time favourite for those who like the idea of camping but prefer to camp with a touch of luxury.

The Beach Camp, situated along the rugged coastline of the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, provides a camping alternative.

Seven pre-pitched tents welcome their guests to a weekend of laidback seaside living; all you need to bring is a sleeping bag, food and your cozzie.

This easy going “eco-village” has access to a communal kitchen, hot water bathroom facilities and a rustic seating area overlooking the Atlantic.

Spend your days swinging in a hammock, horseback riding, paddle boarding, swimming or mountain biking. The choice is yours.

  • Cost: +- R250 pp per night
  • Where:
    • Cape Columbine, Paternoster
    • 164 km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: The Beach Camp

Other things to do in Paternoster:

  • Visit the West Coast Fossil Park
  • Try your hand at crayfishing
  • Kite surfing
  • Whale watching
  • Sip on G&T’s while you watch the sun quietly slip into the ocean
  • Take a guided sea-kayak tour


This humble wine-growing town is situated in the Breede River Valley and has a whole lot of wine on offer.

Rawsonville is based roughly 120km outside of Cape Town and offers quick access to 13 wine and brandy cellars in a radius of ten kilometres. Cycling wine tour anyone?

Slanghoek Mountain Resort & Campsite

Surround yourself with the stillness of Slanghoek@hamishniven

Nestled into the Slanghoek Valley lies a campsite surrounded by beautiful views and scenic trails.

The campsites are situated in the vineyards on the banks of the stream and they all have ablution facilities and an electricity point.

There is also a playground and swimming pool near the campsite which may come in handy during the hot summer months when the streams dry up.

Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway

Take time to hideaway in heaven@vjornt

Said to offer a platform for poetic fly fishing, the Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway offers 11 campsites each with their own private ablutions and a portable braai.

The campsites are scattered around the farm and most of them have access to electricity and hot showers. The cozy cottages offer a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a winter getaway.

The cool Holsloot River offers a pleasant respite for the hot summer days and is the ideal playground for fishermen on the fly.

  • Cost:
    • R690 per site per night for the first 6 people
    • R115 per person thereafter
    • R60 per night for children 4- 12 years
  • Where:
    • Dwarsberg Farm, Rawsonville
    • 107km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway

Other things to do in Rawsonville:

  • Visit the many wine farms
  • Go fishing in the Breede River
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Take on the Tierkloof 4x4 trail


Situated roughly 200km outside of the Mother City, the Cederberg promises the ideal rustic getaway.

Surrounded by the almost auburn Cederberg Mountains, this wilderness area is rich in wildlife, beauty and adventure.

From hiking, to bird watching and even donkey cart riding, this picturesque gem is certainly one of our favourites.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Stargazing anyone?@mauromatal1

Nestled into the very heart of the Cederberg mountains, lies this perfect piece of untouched paradise.

The Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, and especially the camping sites, invite you to get back to basics while sleeping under a sea of stars.

There are two campsites to choose from; both of which boast of a truly untouched experience.

  • Swartrug Camp: This campsite consists of five stands with no access to electricity. There is access to a warm water ablution facility, a swimming pool and, if you feel like keeping in touch with civilization, there is easy access to the restaurant and bar.
  • Bobbejaanskraans Camp: If you’re in the mood to rough it in the wild, this is for you. The campsite is only accessible by 4x4 and has no designated stands, no access to electricity and no ablution facilities.
  • Cost:
    • Swartrug R75 pp per night; R180 per vehicle
    • Bobbejaanskraans R50 pp per night; R180 per vehicle
  • Where:
    • R303, Koue Bokkeveld, Cederberg
    • 248 km outside of Cape Town via R44
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Nuwerust Rest Camp

Lull into a lazy daze below the Rooiberg MountainsCederberg Experience Nuwerust

Resting in the shadow of the glorious Rooiberg mountains is the Nuwerust Rest Camping site.

Kitted with braai facilities and two ablution blocks with hot water, this camping site is a picture of simplicity.

Whether you choose to relax and unwind amongst the wildlife, take a hike or try your hand at rock climbing; Nuwerust promises a proper escape from the bustle of the city.

  • Cost: R250 for 4 people per night
  • Where:
    • Cederberg, Nuwerust Farm
    • 254km outside of Cape Town via R44
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Nuwerust Rest Camp

Other things to do in Cederberg:

  • Hit the mountainous biking trails
  • Pack a picnic and hike through the mountain side
  • Spend the night counting shooting stars
  • Check out the ancient rock art
  • Visit the Astronomical Observatory
  • Visit the Cederberg Private Cellar

Nature’s Valley

This is another one for those looking for a seriously scenic road trip roughly 500km up the coast.

Nature’s Valley is a small village along the Garden Route near the foothills of the Tsitsikamma mountains.

This small town is especially special; it’s surrounded by beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a lagoon perfect for canoeing and sailing. With few camping options available, here’s what we recommend.

Nature's Valley Rest Camp

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature @mauromatal1

Placed in the de Vasselot section of the Tsitsikamma, Valley Rest Camp rests perfectly on the banks of the Groot River.

As you’d except camping in one of the most luscious forests in South Africa, the campsite is the ideal springboard for a day of hiking, bird watching or trail running.

There are 44 designated camping sites available; all of which have no access to electricity.

  • Cost: R205 per site per night (each unit sleeps 6)
  • Where:
    • Tsitsikamma National Park, Forest Drive, Kurland
    • 551km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Valley Rest Camp

Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge

How wild is your spirit?@jazzifizzel

Looking to unleash your inner Mowgli? Wild Spirit was made just for you. With access to yoga classes, drumming circles and a tree house deck, Wild Spirit provides a unique blend of relaxation and adventure.

The camping sites all have access to shower rooms, toilets, a self-catering kitchen, a library and hearty homemade meals.

Catered more towards the backpacker style of travelling, we’d recommend this spot for independent travellers or small groups of people looking for a rustic escape from the demands of the city life.

Choose to pitch your tent in the campsite garden or take to the sticks near the bushhouse. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by high mountains and a dense indigenous forest.

  • Cost: R100 p/p per night
  • Where:
    • R102 , Nature's Valley Road, The Crags
    • 544km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Wild Spirit Backpackers

Other things to do in Nature’s Valley:

  • Hike one of the many trails
  • Mountain bike
  • Sprawl out on the beach
  • Visit Monekeyland & the Elephant sanctuary
  • Jump off bloukrans bridge (harnessed in of course)


Based 45 minutes outside of Cape Town, Wellington lies on foot of the Groenberg surrounded by a handful of wineries.

The area is famous for its Cape Dutch style homes, beautiful gardens and historic town.

The best thing about Wellington? Camping at Tweede Tol!

Tweede Tol

Take time to reflect on the beauty of the Cape@ridaa83

This picturesque campsite is found on the cliffs of the beautiful Bains Kloof Pass with access to a range of rock pools and hiking trails.

The site offers 20 campsites, each of which have access to a braai area and hot water ablutions.

Looking for something a bit more private? Tweede Tol also offers seven fenced off campsites, each with their own private kitchenette and ablution facilities.

Pack a picnic and spend the day jumping from rock pool to rock pool - it’s pure bliss!

  • Cost: R300 per site per night
  • Where:
    • Tweede Tol, R301
    • 93km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Tweede Tol

Other things to do in Wellington:

  • Explore the vineyards on horseback
  • Hiking
  • Take a drive through the Bains Kloof Pass
  • Visit one of the many wine farms


Located in the “Land van Waveren” mountain basin, Tulbagh is a small historic town with plenty to offer.

Surrounded by winelands, vast mountain ranges and beautiful rolling hills, Tulbagh welcomes its guests with open-arms and offers them a sweet slice of heaven.

Located just 90 minutes outside of Cape Town, this small town is scattered with museums, cafes, chocolate tasting bars and so much more. It makes for tasty escape all year round.

Secret Falls

Share your secrets with the wilderness @SecretFallsTulbagh

This hidden gem offers you the chance to experience magic in the mountains. Nestled on the foothills of the Winterhoek Wes mountains, Secret Falls caters solely towards nature-lovers.

There are ten campsites available, all of which are only accessible by 4x4. The campsites are simple and you’ll need to be fully kitted with your camping essentials to really enjoy your stay.

A weekend spent at this exclusive campsite will include hiking to a number of waterfalls while soaking up the tranquil sights of Winterhoek Wes mountains.

  • Cost:
    • R130 for age 12 +
    • R70 for ages 0-11
    • R70 for trailers
  • Where:
    • Portion 3, Die Ster 377, Winterhoek Wes
    • 133km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Secret Falls

Fynbos Guest Farm

Retreat into the heart of the fynbos

Placed in the heart of the Cape Winelands lies the beautiful Fynbos Guest Farm. The farm has 9 private caravan and campsites available each with access to an electrical point and a stunning view of the surrounding fynbos filled landscape.

These campsites offer a quiet retreat ideal for a truly South African weekend filled with braaing, swimming and exploring.

  • Cost: +-R 120 pp per night
  • Where:
    • Fynbos Guest Farm, R46
    • 130km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Fynbos Guest Farm

Other things to do in Tulbagh:

  • Visit the museums
  • Mountain bike
  • Zipline through the treetops
  • Get in the saddle and enjoy a guided trail through a working fruit farm


If you’re keen to crank up the music and head for road trip up the coast, Wilderness is the definitely the place to go. Situated about 4 hours from Cape Town, Wilderness is perched perfectly in the heart of the acclaimed Garden Route.

Surrounded by a world of lakes, warm (ish) beaches, dense forests, and trails, Wilderness invites a sense of calm and ease into everyday living.

So whether you feel like trekking into the forests, soaring through the air on a paraglide or you just want to hang ten; Wilderness has it all and a whole lot more.

The best way to enjoy it all? Pitch a tent of course!

Ebb & Flow Rest Camp

Melt your heart with these majestic views@sharynhodges

Situated on the edge of the Touws River, this campsite is loved by locals and tourists alike - perhaps too much so during the holiday seasons.

Both camps (South and North) have caravan and campsites with shared ablution, scullery amenities and quick access onto the river with a kayak or floating flamingo in hand.

The camps allow a maximum of six persons, one caravan with a side tent and one vehicle, or one tent and one vehicle per site.

  • Cost:
    • R34 per adult per day (SA residents)
    • R17 per child per day (SA residents)
    • R112 per adult per day (International visitors)
    • R56 per child per day (International visitors)
  • Where:
    • Garden Route National Park, Dumbelton Rd, Hoekwil
    • 444km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Ebb & Flow Rest Camp

Fairy Knowe Backpackers

Release your inner wild child @moflobot

Keen to lose the shoes, join a drumming circle and spend your days swinging in a hammock? Fairy Knowe is just for you.

This campsite offers a range of undesignated camping sites, all with access to ablution facilities, a chill zone and bar area.

A favourite for those who’d prefer to steer clear of the crowds at Ebb & Flow, Fairy Knowe offers a very tranquil and relaxing stay (If you get a sweet camping spot that is).

  • Cost: R 120 pp per night
  • Where:
    • Garden Route National Park, 1 Dumbleton Rd
    • 444km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Fairy Knowe Backpackers

Other things to do in Wilderness:

  • Abseil down Kaaimans Gorge
  • Go horseback riding along the Outeniqua mountain range
  • Canoe down the Touws River
  • Paraglide over Wilderness Beach
  • Take a hike to a waterfall... or three
  • Do the 10m cliff jump in Kaaimans
  • Skiing at Island Lake
  • Fishing in the abundant choices of rivers, lakes and sea

Lambert’s Bay

Situated 280 kilometres north of Cape Town, is the small fishing town of Lambert’s Bay.

Known to many as the “Diamond of the West Coast”, Lambert’s Bay boasts some of the West Coast’s best beaches, wildlife and awesome whale and dolphin sightings.

So if you’re keen for a weekend of sea, sand and lobsters, Lambert’s Bay is a solid bet.

Malkoppan Guest Farm

Hang on to that summer feeling @penelopekirkland

A short 6km outside of Lambert’s Bay, lies the pet-friendly Malkoppan Guest Farm.

The farm has 45 campsite available and is situated right across the road from the acclaimed Muisbosskerm open air restaurant. The campsites have access to electricity and neat ablution blocks.

  • Cost: R 75 pp per night
  • Where:
    • 5km outside of Lamberts Bay
    • 262km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Malkoppan Guest Farm

Xamarin Guest Farm

Escape to a world of wine and wonder@xamaringuestfarm

Xamarin is based 5km outside of Lambert’s Bay nestled between the vineyards of the Sir Lambert's Wines.

With access to wine tasting, a golf course, a 4x4 game safari and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, camping at Xamarin promises to be nothing short of entertaining.

All 18 campsites are fully serviced with access to electricity and ablution facilities.

  • Cost: R 250 per site per night
  • Where:
    • West Coast near Lamberts Bay
    • 257km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Xamarin Guest Farm

Other things to do in Lamberts Bay:

  • Eat out at the Bosduifklip Open Air Restaurant
  • Taste local wines
  • Take a chartered boat out to sea


Greyton is a quaint and romantic village situated at the foot of the Riviersonderend Mountain Range. Despite the “small town” feeling, the town is scattered with various coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a weekend of relaxation, reading and some much needed down-time, Greyton is the destination for you.

Champagne by the River Campsite & Cottages

Crack open a cold one on the banks of the zonderend riverGreyton Tourism

Established on a fruit farm near the banks of the Zonderend River, lies the Champagne campsites.

There are two campsites available, both relatively small with access to ablutions facilities and hot showers.

Want something a little more rustic? Head to the Champagne Bushcamp.

There’s limited shade available so take along an umbrella and a floating device suited for lounging along the river banks. And last but not least, don’t forget your braai kit and some champagne!

  • Cost:
    • Main Campsite: R300 per site for 4 people
    • Bush Camp: R150 per site per night
    • Kids under 5 free
  • Where:
    • Riviersonderend, Greyton
    • 132km outside of Cape Town
    • Google Maps pin here
  • More Info: Champagne by the river

Oewerzicht Farm Cottages & Campsites

Escape the city to this slice of paradise@oewerzicht.fc

If you’re looking for a less rustic, family-friendly option, Oewerzicht is for you. The groomed campsites are situated along the banks of the river with access to modern ablutions, power points and plenty of shade.

The river is perfect for fishing, tubing and canoeing and the campsite even welcomes well-behaved dogs to join in on the fun.

For cycling enthusiasts looking to crank a challenging 25km trail through the mountains, you’ve met your match!

Other things to do in Greyton:

  • Visit the Saturday market
  • Take a stroll to some of the local cafes
  • Taste local wines
  • Ride a bicycle through the town

Top Essentials Needed for Camping

So now that you’ve ticked destination off your list, we’ve put together a list of essentials that you’ll need for an epic weekend away. Get packing!

Camping Equipment...

  1. Lighting tools
    1. This LED lenser torch is perfect for night-time hiking trails and long camping trips where you need to be as lightweight as possible.
  2. Gas Cylinder and Skottel Braai
    1. Forgot the firelighters? Use corn chips as kindling!
  3. Tools for quick fixes
    1. Check out this ultimate quick-fix tool kit
  4. Kitchen equipment - knives, forks, spoons, plates… you get the point
  5. Insect Repellent.
Tip: Deodorant can be used to combat itchiness

Camping Gear…

  1. Tents
    1. Pop-up options are always a win
  2. Cooler bags
  3. Ice bricks and mobile refrigerator
  4. Furniture : Armchairs and tables
  5. Sleeping bags
    1. These lightweight bags are best for hiking trips
  6. Hiking shoes
    1. Download this app to ping your locations while hiking

    From luscious leafy forests to hidden beaches and lofty mountains, the Western Cape is the perfect playground for anyone with a penchant for adventure.

    Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on where to go camping, all you’ve got to do is pack your bags, grab a friend or two and let the adventure begin. Good luck!

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