Trance Parties Cape Town 2017
Trance Parties Cape Town 2017
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Trance Parties Cape Town 2017
Here is a list of the upcoming hottest trance party festivals taking place in and around Cape Town this year.
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Trance Parties Cape Town 2017

Here is a list of the upcoming hottest trance party festivals taking place in and around Cape Town this year.
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Trance Parties Cape Town 2017
Here is a list of the upcoming hottest trance party festivals taking place in and around Cape Town this year.

Being the widely accepted cultural hub of South Africa, it’s unsurprising that Cape Town has a lot going on in terms of its music scene.

Cape Town has begun to play host to some of the country’s best trance music events - operating on a scale that gives European cities a run for it's money.

Here are some of the best Cape Town trance events happening in 2017.

*The List will be updated monthly

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March 2017

Reboot Presents : LoopHole Emanation Ep Launch

“Join us for a night of Synchronized Frequencies!”

This once-off, special event in mid-March hosted at the Bazinga Bar serves as a promotion of the city’s young trance scene. With the much-buzzed-about Loophole headlining the gig it certainly is one for the books.


“Do you believe?”

This 3-day long trance extravaganza offers up a brilliant summer experience with a full fantasy theme and decor to ensure a brilliant and beautiful escape from the everyday.

Partygoers are encouraged to dress to the nines in full fantasy gear- mermaids, witches, wizards, birds and fairies are all welcome here!

This fest supports a rocking line-up which runs till 6pm on the Sunday evening, a musical experience which is sure to make the drive worth your while.

  • Date: 17 - 19 March 2017
  • Ticket Price:
    • R420 pre-sold
    • R600 at gate
  • Location: Rocklands, Clanwilliam
  • Full Event Info: NeverNeverland


“10 Hours of Psychedelic Madness ft all your favourite local artists”

This indoor event which takes place over the course of one adrenaline-fuelled night promises to be a great one for any club kid looking for trance mania!

Hosted by Club Fever they are featuring a massive dance floor packed with UV lights and smoke machines, it’s the perfect place to lose yourself in technicolour. The setlist features the famous Disco Volante and numerous other DJ’s.

If a shorter event is what you’re after, head to this one!

  • Date: 25 - 26 March 2017
  • Ticket Price:
    • R50 pre-sold
    • R70 at door
  • Location: Club Fever crn Castor and Pollux Rd, Landsdowne
  • Full Event Info: Amnesia

Psyked in the City & Reboot present: Secret Planet

“We're taking you on a psychedelic space trip through the galaxies to an unknown destination.”

This space-themed, one-night trance party promises to be quite the kick-off to trance season as it takes the helm and throws this one-off event at Cape Town’s famous Bazinga Bar. Hosted indoors to create an exclusive and pulsating experience, this event has sourced muzos from around the globe to ensure that a good time is had by all.

Delivering a “turbo” sound accompanied by meticulous and themed decor, come and dance your heart out amidst a glowing crowd in the heart of the city - with some great drinks specials to boot.

Trance Tip!: The trance scene is known for its receptive and warm atmosphere. So, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people!

April 2017

Organik: Love Project

“We Promote freedom of expression! We spread love!”

Built on a philosophy of love, respect and altruism, this event looks to influence the world for the better every time it opens it doors to attendees who trek all the way out to Caledon for an unparalleled party experience.

In its arsenal, this event sports a lush camping area for festival-goers to set up for the weekend, an exclusive mountain stream where attendees can cool off and a truly megalithic, tree-shaded dance floor with some of the best local and international acts pumping out set after set of only the best in trance music.

Trance Tip! : To add to the love of this event, the organizers have set up a charity scheme in the form of a collection box at the gate. Take along old blankets and clothes! These will be donated to the less fortunate by event organizers.

The Modern Primitives Hug a Tree Party

“Greetings to all our old friends, party people and newcomers!"

In an attempt to redirect and redefine the states of the modern world - which this event feels has taken away from the genuine human experience - this party urges you to find a more rooted, primitive version of self on its luscious lawns.

A beautiful coastal game farm with animals in tow becomes your three-day-long personal Eden. A large lawn set-up for camping, a barefoot and earth friendly space in which to enjoy the constant trance setlist being metered out over the event’s course. This one is for nature lovers!


This indoor Trance/Edm party is held indoors at the River Club in Observatory. Don’t underestimate these smaller trance parties, Often up and coming Djs can be found spinning the decks at half the cost they would at a larger event.

  • Date: 8 April
  • Ticket Price: R80 - R100
  • Location: The River Club, Observatory
  • Full Event info: Relapse

Full Moon Kaleidoscope

So it’s that time again, if you haven't heard yet, Wolf Pack Productions SA will be hosting their 14th FULL MOON party. This one Promises to be even bigger and better.

This is a 13 hour event featuring 2 trance floors, multiple ball pits,UV decor, Air Brush Temp Tattoos ,UV Face Painters and of course Cape town's top psytrance Djs.

  • Date: 8-9 April
  • Ticket Price: R100 - R120
  • Location: Club Fever, Cnr Castor & Pollux Rds, Lansdowne, Cape Town
  • Full Event Info: Full Moon Kaleidoscope

Easter Vortex

On the South African music scene, there are few names more representative of a good time than Vortex. It’s a name that’s constantly mentioned, that drums up excitement, so pop up your tent and take the trance world on with full force.

Easter Vortex takes place this April over the course of three highly fuelled days. Camping facilities, lavatories and medics are available at the event and a good time is mandatory!


In terms of the South African festival scene, very little comes close to the sheer scale of this event. Every year there’s a kind of buzz going on as preparation for this event gets underway in a big way! For months attendees prepare for "The Burn".

Costumes galore, massive tented areas and varying trance rooted music is on offer. An indication of just how much the country’s trance scene has taken hold in recent years.

First time burn goers are advised to take a look at the packing requirements and admission requirements as this isn’t your typical trance party. This is a community gathering of like minded souls, a safe space to come and express your cause and journey.

  • Date: 24 - 30 April
  • Ticket Price: R1495
  • Location: Stonehenge Private Reserve
  • Full Event Info: Afrikaburn

UltraNoise - The Awakening

After a few months of collecting their thoughts and enjoying the Summer Psy season, Wednesday marks the return of UltraNoize at a special indoor wonderland, Tiekiedraai, for another epic overload of psychedelic fun.

In addition to the UltraNoize Arena, they will once again be opening up the Urban Beatz Floor, giving party goers more wiggle room and a wider kaleidoscopic musical experience by adding deep and funky Techno and rolling Drum&Bass grooves on a spacious outside dancefloor.

Expect some fresh psychedelic eye candy throughout the venue, backed up by earth shaking sound frequencies brought to you by some of the creamiest of the crop in the Cape Town party scene.

Psychedelic Trance Party At Nikita's

Nikita's presents their much loved indoor Psy Trance party. It's time to get stomping again, are you ready?

The fantastic line up:

  • Metasonic
  • Zezia
  • Deliriant
  • Culture Shock
  • Distorted Thought

With an awesome line up like this one, this party guarantees to keep you on your feet all night long.

Hakuna Matata In The Forest

Trance Parties don't get any more exclusive than this one. Hakuna Matata are gathering the trance community for an epic sound journey.

The line up:

  • Astral Labyrinth (Biomechanical recs) Brazil
  • Full Lotus (Mushroom hunters) England
  • Fluoelf (Uroboros recs) Spain
  • Hawaiik (Lost Theory recs) Estonia
  • Kutanimal ( Pleiadian Rec/ Urban Antidote rec) Portugal
  • Mark Day (Bluehoursounds) England
  • Melodic Noise ( Mind tweakers recs) Brazil
  • OmSoul (HaKuNa MaTaTa) India
  • Psypirate (Psypirates) England
  • Ritual (Disco valley records / medulla oblongata) Greece
  • Sacha (Free radical records) South Africa
  • Serena (Urban Antidote rec) Italy
  • Svess (Mosaico recs) Sweden

This super exclusive party promises to display the true essence of what the Trance Community is.

  • Date: 29 April
  • Location:
    • Email the Hosts Hakuna Matata for the details:
  • Full Event Info: Hakuna Matata In The Forest

Shambala Presents - Inoculums Birthday Bash

Billing itself as a dual experience - an outdoor and indoor trance spectacular - this one-day event is sure to be a good one for club kids and hippies alike.

Held at On The Green in Wynberg, this rapid-fire event promises a non-stop trance experience as it celebrates the birthday of Inoculum - the event headliner.

May 2017

The Magic Monkey Presents : Connect The Dots

The Magic Monkey is the newest Psychedelic event on the block, presenting Connect The Dots at Club 89 on Long Street. With an incredible line up this party is surely one not to be missed.


VAULT brings you yet another truly unique, avant-garde, raw techno experience to the new underground space we know as Mødular. which seeks to promote forward-thinking electronic music.

Influenced by the labels at the forefront of techno, from Polegroup to Token, VAULT carries you through an event series which comes alive with an unexpected, rare, and evolving soundscape, fiercely charged with a continuum of raw sounds, into the darkest and obscurest realm of the electronic underground.

  • Date: 12 May,
  • Ticket Price:
    • R70 - per person
  • Location: Modular, 34 Riebeek Str, Cape Town
  • Full Event Info: Vault @ Modular

Into The Wild | The Woodlands ft. Talpa

Just 48kms from the Cape Town, in Stellenbosch, lies a forest ready to be transformed into the picturesque Woodlands setting for their 1 year anniversary. They welcome a stellar line up of artists back for another round in the wild, and have the legendary Tapla, from Serbia, joining us, for what is set to be our wildest experience yet!

Line Up:

  • Talpa - Serbia
  • Headroom
  • Geometric Flux
  • Yeti
  • Brother
  • Rob Sloan (JHB)
  • Fogshow
  • Pierre-Estiennne

There will be various food stalls and a full bar available. This 14 hour techno progressive trance party is celebrating their 1 year anniversary and they are hosting a special summer season closer for all you wildings.

  • Date: 13,14 May, 11am - 1am
  • Ticket Prices:
    • R240 - Early Bird
    • R300 - Phase 1
    • R350 - Phase 2
  • Location: The Woodlands, Stellenbosch
  • Full Event Info: Into The Wild, Woodlands ft Talpa

Rooster And Weasel: Winter Edition

Rooster & Weasel gatherings offer an artistic space in which creative local brands can showcase their work.

The Line up is:

  • TBC
  • Jennifer Nel
  • Amy May ft Billie-Mae
  • Kirsty
  • Deana Weeks
  • Jay Bone

Rooster & Weasel will also feature a unique market place where you can find locally sourced creative brands, handmade accessories and much more.

Winter Edition is an art showcase where there will be various workshops and art spaces to take part in. If art isn't your thing you could cool off in the swimming pool the amazing venue has to offer.

  • Date: 13 May
  • Ticket Price:
    • R30 - Presold
    • R50 - At The Door
    • R10 - Kids U12
  • Location: Dtrekka, Stellenbosch
  • Full Event Info: Rooster and Weasel

TRANSylvania: Redemption Island

“WELCOME to TRANSylvania. WELCOME to Redemption Island!”

This May, the people of TRANSylvania are looking to transform the landscape out in Malmesbury into something of note! A space in which attendees can let go, be and experience a transcendental trance music experience.

Once again, the former headliner Gonzo will be rocking out a set in addition to a massive line-up. With food stalls, camping grounds, hot showers and every other desirable facility this event runs at a premium standard with previous attendees raving the experience. So, on all accounts, this event will be a great one. Do check it out!

  • Date: 13 - 14 May 2017.
  • Ticket Price:
    • Phase 2: R350
    • Sunday, R250 - From 10am
    • Full Festival Gate Sales: R380
  • Location: Moreson Farm, Malmesbury.
  • Full Event Info: TRANSylavnia: Redemption Island

ECHO Spirit Gathering

Akasha is a kind of super-element: the binding force between the other elements, or demi-goddess or, for that sake: if you want to look at it from a scientific point of view, a kind of black hole that emanates and absorbs energy/matter.

Akasha is the fifth element, the binding part that runs through all matter, and it is also the collective unconscious of life-forms. The word itself is Persian/East Indian and means 'inner space'.

  • Date: 26 - 28 May, 3pm -6pm
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: Kwelanga Country Lodge, Pacaltsdorp
  • Full Event Info: Echo Spirit Gathering

June 2017

Deliriant & Roommush Birthday Bash

Stop what you are doing, turn up the music & let the bass kick, grab your dancing shoes & join us in the most epic birthday celebration of two of Cape Town's most iconic Progressive & Minimal Dj's.

Expect a visual treat, with Tech X delivering an amazing visual expirence with unique stage deisgn crazy LED Screen pannels, lights, lasers, smoke and effects.

Phoenix: Festival of Fire

“The Earth is wrapped in stillness and we move in a trance,but we hold on fast to our faith in the dance.”

With a strikingly original slant on the idea of the trance party- that of linking it to the already existing celebration of the winter solstice this 3-day event offer the opportunity for a kind of renewal, a rebirth of energy for the second half of the year.

Set up all the way out in Riviersonderend, this event promises that the drive will be utterly worth it as it celebrates the existence of fire - fire as renewal, as rebirth, as the ultimate natural force. One dance floor. One energy. One love.

  • Date: 23-25 June 2017
  • Ticket Price:
    • R450 online
    • R500 at gate
  • Location: Riviersonderend
  • Full Event Info: Phoenix: Festival of Fire

July 2017

Trilogy Productions presents Urge

Trilogy brings Progressive and Dark psy for the masses its what you urge for, lets unite the scene and its troopers. The Urge is the vibe , the trance, the people and the amazing Psychedelic Atmosphere that you need to let loose.

This is Gonna be one Crazy Winter Party. With Limitless XP mentoring them on this event and the Psytrance scene we will surely bring you nothing ... but the best!

The Winter Project is aimed at keeping the homeless and the underprivileged warm, they also aim to not let them go hungry over the winter. They will be taking donations at the URGe gate so bring along any old towels, clothing, blankets and non perishable foods. They will be donated to two shelters in Cape Town that really need the help. Join in for a good cause.

Full Moon Masquerade Dance

Wolf Pack Productions SA Presents: Full Moon: Masquerade Dance ॐ

If you haven't heard yet, Wolf Pack Productions SA will be hosting their "15th" FULL MOON party. This one Promises to be even bigger and better!

With two dance floors to let loose this promises to be an epic party. The 1st dance floor will be based in the main arena with trippy UV decor and lighting that will definitely be of top quality, And let's not forget The massive sound system, So be ready to feel the bass.

The Second Dancefloor is for VIP Troopers only. With Trippy UV decor and lighting that will definitely be of top quality. It Has 2 pool tables, its own dance floor and much more.

This amazing indoor venue has a capacity for 2000 Troopers. Come out and make this another night to remember!

  • Date: 8-9 July, 6pm - 7am
  • Ticket Price:
    • R100 - Pre Sold
    • R120 - At the Door
  • Location: Club Fever, Corner of Castor & Pollux Rd, Lansdowne
  • Full Event Info: Full Moon Masquerade Dance

Spectrum/Reboot Present: The Blue Moon Festival 2017

Tickets will be under very strict supervision as to keep our event as Safe as possible.

Venue will open at 11am Saturday with Braai Places and Camping space. We would like to have a epic get together before the music kicks off at 5pm in the early evening.

Psychedelic Vibrations

A gathering where everyone comes together to share peace, love and happiness. Its simply just to release and receive pure positive energy. We come together to dance to the music, share good vibes and meet great people along the way.

This is Winter Edition where PsyMon bring you some of the top Artist/Dj's with our great upcomers. Its very different to the usual, come experience a taste of the next generation.

The venue is a beautiful garden space with trees all around. Very comfortable place and for good vibes. Dancefloor will be on soft green grass.. Beautiful surroundings.. Just simply a great place to release positive energy and spread good vibes.

  • Date: 29 July, 11pm - 5pm
  • Ticket Price:
    • R150 - Early Bird (Limited)
    • R250 - Pre Sale
  • Location: TBA
  • Full Event Info: Psychedelic Vibrations

August 2017

Sunflower Festival

This festival, only 3 years old, took the South African festival scene on with an unexpected storm.

Billing itself as the official opening event to festival season, this fest provides partiers with 2 days and 1 night of bliss as trance leaks out of every nook and cranny of this universally welcoming experience - with splendid visuals to boot.

  • Date: August 2017
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: Cape Town Ostrich Range, Durbanville
  • Full Event Info: Sunflower Festival

September 2017

Alien Safari: Sprung

“A celebration of spring, a weekend of enchantment.”

This party has served as a bastion of the local trance scene for years. A celebration of the commencement of spring, this event is designed to stir the consciousness of new things.

It’s a space of freedom and new beginning, to open yourself up to all the potential the universe has to offer.

Traditionally hosted at the Silwerstroom resort just outside of Cape Town, this party rages on all through the night with a steady stream of DJ’s to ensure that even though this event is only one day long, it will be the best party you could possibly have.

  • Date: September 2017
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: Silwerstroom Resort
  • Full Event Info: Alien Safari


“To unite the world through the universal platform of dance and music.”

Earthdance happens all around the world, and this year marks a full 20 years of global trance events characterised by the same mission statement, "Unitedness".

This party seeks to create a shared platform for humans from all around the world to unite under the same umbrella. Locally, this party is spoken about year-round and is prepared for as a must for trance partiers.

Held over the course of 3 days, this party serves a constant stream of the world’s best trance - culminating in a mass meditation early on Sunday morning. It is simply a must.

  • Date: September 2017
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: TBA
  • Full Event Info: TBA

October 2017

Organik: Gaian Dream

Set over the course of a weekend this festival offers a trance stage of note with focus on the kind of music the organisers are sure will ensure transcendence.

To drive this point home, the entire event comes to a halt on the Saturday afternoon as a mass yoga/meditation session is undertaken by all festival-goers.

If ubuntu stirs you and Earth is your element, why not check this one out.

Limitless Experience presents - Cosmic Nataraja

The Annual event Cosmic Nataraja is upon us once again, this time around it will be bigger and the Energy will be much more Vast. This is the second depiction & will surely be one memorable experience.

They have one beastly line up planned for you, these top class heavy hitters have played at many outdoor festivals & gatherings bringing along with them some powerful Psychedelic melodies to keep your energy at its Peak.

November 2017


“A psychedelic celebration of music, life, love, energy”

As far as escapes go, Jungala promises to be one of note as this well-established and incredibly popular event. Nestled in the beautiful Berg River valley, this festival promises to once again deliver that which it has become well known for.

Billing itself as a festival of life, attendees are sure to feel as hyped as a wide trance music selection is pumped out over the it's duration. This paired with the incomparably beautiful Jungala grounds is sure to make for a spectacular end to the year.

  • Date: 10-12 November 2017
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: Buffalo Drift on Ruigtevlei Farm
  • Full Event Info: Jungala Festival

December 2017

Vortex Open Source

With a 2017 venue confidently booked nearly 12 months in advance and dates already set, this event is sure to be the monumental experience it always is. This is Vortex Open Source. A 3-day event with a killer setlist.

Encouraging a broad-based, inter-dependent experience, this event is about energy. It’s about the creation of a positive space with good vibes only, this one is worth all the effort.

Trance Tip!: The drive is long. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

  • Date: 7 - 11 December 2017
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: Riviersonderend
  • Full Event Info: Vortex Open Source

Rezonance: NYE Festival

"Get on the bus, party on. Always Further.”

Now, if Cape Town is known for anything, it is its New Years’ Eve events. Every year things in the city are done in a big way.

So, what to do? Throw a three-day festival, says RezFest. And throw it they do!

Set in an incomparable dreamscape, this festival pulls out its best every year. A psychedelic takeover of note with thousands of bodies in the same space - this festival is simply not-to-be-missed.

Trance Tip!: At an event like this one, it’s important to remember to pace yourself. Three days is a long time when you’re having the time of your life. Stay safe!

  • Date: TBA
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: TBA
  • Full Event Info: TBA

Love & Light

Often referred to as the outdoor club of the year, this event’s focus is on the music. It aims to unite those with a passion for electro and trance music and to serve as the delivery service for the best that the genre has to offer.

A sea of bodies with a singular goal, dancing to the jams they love for hours on end, it’s an event that has consistently delivered on its promises, so do check it out!

  • Date: TBA
  • Ticket Price: TBA
  • Location: TBA
  • Full Event Info: TBA
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