Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2019 - 2020
Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2019 - 2020
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Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2019 - 2020
For all Cape Town psychedelic and outdoor festive fun, Vibescout has put together the ultimate list of trance parties happening in the Western Cape all year round.
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Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2019 - 2020

For all Cape Town psychedelic and outdoor festive fun, Vibescout has put together the ultimate list of trance parties happening in the Western Cape all year round.
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Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2019 - 2020
For all Cape Town psychedelic and outdoor festive fun, Vibescout has put together the ultimate list of trance parties happening in the Western Cape all year round.

Being the widely accepted cultural hub of South Africa, it’s not surprising that Cape Town has a lot going on in terms of its music scene.

Cape Town plays host to some of the country’s best trance music events - operating on a scale that gives European cities a run for their money.

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Quick JumpAugust 2019Psychedelic Realms Ft Rubix Qube!Paradigm - 9 August 2019Trueness Movement Ft Tech Rider ,Bruce ,Deadbeat FMAudioG & Austin Williams Bornday JOL Feat Terrakota & EuphoricVortex AwakeningSeptember 2019Awaken MINDS : Experience the UnknownEquilibrium Festival // Spring EditionACCOMMODATIONYOGA, TALKS & WORKSHOPS (11am - 4pm)HEADPHONE SESSIONSEarthdance Cape Town 2019Into the Wild | Moon Child ft. MVMB & Martin Vice (DEN)ShuttlesFull Moon : SpringSationOctober 2019Limitless Experience Presents - WARDENS PLAYGROUNDExodus Festival 2019 - SouthernTipsyNovember 2019Our Minds Festival 2019Transport / Accommodation

Here are some of the best Cape Town trance events happening in 2019 and into 2020.

🍄This list will be updated monthly🍄

August 2019

As winter finally draws to a close and the rainy season moves behind us, dam levels are looking good and so is this line up!

Psychedelic Realms Ft Rubix Qube!

Psychedelic Development Productions Presents - Psychedelic Realms🌀

@Psychedelic Development Productions‎

👽 Line Up:

  • Imotion Vs Radiant
  • Deltapsy
  • Syde Affect
  • PsyRock
  • Rubix Qube
  • Hallucigenik
  • Euphoria
  • Alien Enhanced

Entering into the Psychedelic Realms👽🍄, experience blissful moments with magical decor, banging psychedelic sound and of course fantastically talented DJs and Producers.

  • Cost:
    • R60 - Pre Sold
    • R70 - Ladies
    • R80 - Gents ( 20:00 - 22:00)
    • R90 ( 22:00 - 00:00)
    • R100 (After 00:00)
  • When: 8 August, 8pm - 4am
  • Venue: Prison - House Of Rebels, 28 Somerset Rd, Greenpoint
  • More Info: Psychedelic Realms Ft Rubix Qube!

Paradigm - 9 August 2019

The mastermind of MMD Records (Official Fan Page) vs the big brains behind PsynOpticz Records: Archive vs SwiTcHcaChe!


Supported by EQUINOX Experience founder and progressive psy wizard Bongi as well as a bevy of exciting young artists on the bill, they give you the Paradigm guarantee that your face will melt.

Line Up:

  • Ramsey CT
  • I•Phy
  • Syde Affect
  • Bongi
  • Ahee -Spiilbuub Records-
  • Archive (MMD Records) vs SwiTcHcaChe
  • Excited System

This is musical sanctuary - a place where friends become family.

Expect: Quality line ups, Top-shelf decor by Evoke Productions, Fat JBL sound, Huge outside area with stretch tent, Beautiful vibes.

  • Cost:
    • R50 - Ladies
    • R80 - Gents
  • When: 9 August, 6:30pm - 2am
  • Venue: Trenchtown, 143 Lower Main Rd, Observatory
  • More Info: Paradigm - 9 August 2019

Trueness Movement Ft Tech Rider ,Bruce ,Deadbeat FM

Trueness Movement 2 invites you to an exclusive event that boosts only the best production of only the finest music in Techno and House right now.

@Trueness Movement‎

Line Up:

  • DJ laka
  • Gershwin
  • Catac
  • Nephew
  • Freq1c
  • Tech rider
  • Deadbeatfm aka Deliriant
  • Keelobythegram
  • Bruce

Strictly NO PHONES or CAMERAS on the dancefloor! Please respect the vibe! #Livealittle

AudioG & Austin Williams Bornday JOL Feat Terrakota & Euphoric

So with the success of Audio Garden FT iTONE - Clockwise & Gonzo because of all the support they received and requests for an AFTER PARTY.

@The Formidable Movement‎

They have decided to give you something SUBTLE but equally as bouncy and dirty as Audio Garden because these talented local DJ's don't get enough credit for their creativity and skill. So The People's Movement has decided to let them show the aliens what they have cooking up!!!!

Line Up:

  • Euphoric
  • Terrakota
  • Astroform Addict (PROG)
  • Lmntrix (PROG)
  • Keelo'Psybin (Something Special)
  • Alex Hamilton (Nasty Bounce)
  • Euphoric B2B Syde Affect (Find Out For Yourself)
  • Terrakota (Full ON vibes)
  • Parallel_Fx (Dirty PROG)
  • RADIANT (Full ON Bouncy Beats)

But also it's Austin Williams & Cleo Cordon BIRTHDAY on the 16th August 2019 and we'll be Grooving with them so pull through & make it extra special for them .

Vortex Awakening

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”

@Vortex Parallel Universe‎

Awaken the giant within you and join us on the cusp of Spring-time! Let’s all rejoice, dance and replenish the soul as we bid winter farewell and stomp our way into party season!


  • Stryker - United Beats Records
  • AudioFire - Digital Om
  • Broken Toy
  • Bruce
  • Clockwise
  • DJ Mark
  • DJ Qsquared
  • Geometric Flux
  • Killer B
  • MacAttack (Dave Mac vs. Josh Mac)
  • Prefix
  • Profound
  • Rubix Qube
  • Saai
  • YoungPadawan ( LucaKaya )

You have all felt the power of the dance floor, those expanded moments when the DJ plays that certain track that raises our energy…Feel the connection to each other as you become united in spirit, the power of the collective.

@Elgin Grabouw Country Club

The venue less than 80km from Cape Town, the Elgin Grabouw Country Club is an idyllic location surrounded by exquisite mountain ranges and a beautiful dam right next to the dancefloor.

  • Cost:
    • R370 - Online Early Bird
    • R400 - Outlets
  • When: 31 August - 1 September, 8am - 5pm
  • Venue: Elgin Grabouw Country Club, Worcester St
  • More Info: Vortex Awakening

September 2019

As Spring arrives the Trance world moves back outdoors, the official starts of TP season has begun, and we cannot wait!

Awaken MINDS : Experience the Unknown


@Awaken Minds‎

Organisers are keeping mum about this one, but we promise more details will be posted as soon as they are available!

Equilibrium Festival // Spring Edition

🌿Equilibrium Festival : Spring Edition! 🌿A 15 hour Music & Lifestyle Festival that represents the definition of Equilibrium - A State of Balance.

@Equilibrium Festival

Coming to the sunny, picturesque landscape of Paarl for the second time this year, Equilibrium will be transforming Nelson Creek with an incredible new line-up of all things music, culture and lifestyle! They are looking forward to seeing you again for a bigger and better second edition as we welcome Cape Town's Spring season!


  • Lifestyle Talks & Workshops
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Full Stage and Dance floor
  • Wine Tasting
  • Silent Disco's

Whether you're wanting to expand your knowledge on all things lifestyle and environmental, explore the exceptional creative talents of Cape Town, dance the night away to the best music Cape Town has to offer or merely just indulge in some good food and wine surrounded by the majestic mountains of Paarl, we believe this unique festival experience is for you!

🍃Equilibrium strives to unite all branches of the market, providing a diverse festival experience which aims to meet each individual's social and intellectual needs. 🍃

@Equilibrium Festival

♻️The aim is to contribute to the eco system of our city by practicing eco/green behaviours at all of our events, whilst maintaining a meat-free regulation for all of our food vendors involved. ♻️


All accommodation are SOLD OUT

YOGA, TALKS & WORKSHOPS (11am - 4pm)

  • 11:00-11:45: Silent Disco Mindfulness Movement (Shift)
  • 11:45-12:45: Sound Healing Workshop with Jenna Arnsmeyer
  • 12:45-13:30: Easy Eco - A Journey to Zero Waste Living
  • 13:30-14:15: Guerilla House - Cannabis Workshop
  • 14:15-15:00: Ashley Epstein - The Essentials of Mindfulness & Self-Transformation
  • 15:00-16:00: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class (The Yoga Life)


In collaboration with Silent Events SA! Silent Disco headphones allow us to present TWO exciting activities simultaneously, you can either listen to a talk in our Lifestyle Hub OR get down to some groovy beats on our EQM Stage & Dance floor with your headphones on full blast!

  • 11:00-11:45 - Mindfulness Movement Silent Disco (Shift)
  • 13:00-15:00 - 3 Channeled (3 Live DJ's) Headphone Disco
  • R70 at the gate secures your headphones for both headphone sessions!
They will be running TWO festival areas at the same time from 1pm - 3pm

Thereafter music will run on loud speakers as per normal on an incredible fully rigged sound system provided by Flipside Events.

DJ Line Up:

  • Siphe Tebeka
  • Lectric Licks
  • Lex-Vedda
  • Tanya Vee
  • Lemonella
  • DJ Snake

An array of Lifestyle, Design & Food Vendors to keep you entertained and refreshed throughout the day. Artisanal Gin Bar crafted by Bloedlemoen Gin and a fully stocked Bar powered by Liquid Rainbow Wine Tasting (Nelsons Creek Wines)!

@Equilibrium Festival

Equilibrium Festival is capped at 1000 attendees to maintain an intimate, exclusive atmosphere. Once we have sold out, there will be NO tickets available at the gate.

  • Cost:
    • R300 - Early Bird (SOLD OUT)
    • R350 - Phase One
    • R400 - Phase Two
  • When: 14-15 September, 10am - 1am
  • Venue: Nelsons Creek Wine Estate, R44, Agter-Paarl, Windmeul, Paarl
  • More Info: Equilibrium Festival // Spring Edition

Earthdance Cape Town 2019

Kogel Bay is the home of Earthdance this year! Working with the Universal Theme of Collective Intelligence come together as One to celebrate our beautiful planet.

@Earthdance Cape Town‎

Line Up:

  • Phanatic (ISR)
  • Neuroplasm (UK
  • SmallTownFreakz (GER)
  • HEADROOM (Live retro set)
  • Deliriant
  • The Commercial Hippies
  • Dynamic Range
  • ScamAntrix
  • Josh Mac
  • Itone
  • Vox Libre
  • Dj Dolph - Crushharder
  • Dave Mac
  • Dj Bernz - Blacklite Records
  • Dave Irish
  • DJ Mark
  • Clockwise
  • DJ Absynth

Please join in for the Universal Prayer for Peace at 2am on Sunday morning.

More info will be announced soon!

Earthdance is a Charity Event, supporting an awesome local charity, Earthchild Project.

Earthdance is a Global outdoor music festival. Our message, Give Peace a Dance - Aims to inspire you to join in the spirit of promoting Peace through dance. Please remember these Ten Indian Commandments as you consciously party in the name of Peace.

  • Cost:
    • Early Bird: R380
    • Phase 1: R420
    • Phase 2: R460
  • When: 21 - 22 September, 9am - 5pm
  • Venue: Kogel Bay Resort, R44
  • More Info: Earthdance Cape Town 2019

Into the Wild | Moon Child ft. MVMB & Martin Vice (DEN)

Moon Child is Into The Wilds first edition of the new season, and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate spring surrounded by nature and friends.

@Into The Wild Experience‎

The venue for this edition is the Riverside Forest, a beautiful shaded forest next to a river in the green pastures of the west coast. Prepare to come alive between the trees once more.

Line Up:



Shuttles will leave at 12:00pm from Sea Point Library, and will return at the end of event the following morning. Tickets are available online from Quicket on the ticketing link.

  • Cost: R160 (Does not include festival ticket)
  • Shuttle Queries: Carmen 079 655 2077

'Next time you think of beautiful things, remember you are among those beautiful things' ✨🌺

Tickets for this event are limited, and should tickets sell out prior to the event there will be no cash sales at the door.

Full Moon : SpringSation

Wolf Pack Productions Presents: Full Moon: SpringSation Outdoor Festival.

@Wolf Pack Productions SA‎

We are happy to announce Oude Molen Eco Village for our upcoming Full Moon event! Situated in the beautiful wetlands, The Oude Molen Eco Village is a large estate that offers a refuge of tranquillity away from the business of the city with a picture perfect view of Table Mountain.

Line Up: TBA

This beautiful venue has lush green grass, With a crystal clear pool for your enjoyment, with Exclusive VIP shaded huts available to book. There will be qualified lifeguards for your safety. Boasting both an OUTDOOR Stage and Poolside stage which makes this a unique Full Moon experience.

  • Cost:
    • R150 - Phase 1 (ONLY 200 available)
    • R200 - Phase 2 (TBA)
    • R250 - Gate Sales
    • R150 - Online Phase 1 (ONLY 200 available)
    • R200 - Online Phase 2 (TBA)
  • When: 28 September, 2pm - 2am
  • Venue: Oude Molen Eco Village
  • More Info: Facebook Event

October 2019

Spring has sprung and we are now heading towards warmer days and clearer skies, our dance card is already full and the Trance season has just only begun!

Limitless Experience Presents - WARDENS PLAYGROUND

Limitless Experience presents to you a brand new project - Wardens Playground and its at their new favourite playground (PRISON house of rebels) Costume Party!

@Limitless Experience ZA‎

They bring you vibes upon vibes, insane music, Djs that will most certainly blow your mind, mind melting decor and crazy visuals. Aiming to create a vibe for all to enjoy outside the constructs society.

Line Up:

  • FREQ1C
  • SCORPION (Project Change)
  • NANOBYTE (Monkey Forest Records)
  • ASTROFORM ADDICT (Limitless Xp ZA)
  • CYD CHAIN (Trilogy ZA)
  • CRAZY - B

Limitless Experience brings you the above and so much more leaving you within a Cosmic State.

Exodus Festival 2019 - SouthernTipsy

Its that time of year again when the freaks get to play. October STP event is back at the beloved Flenterkloof farm! In the valley we shall dance.

@SouthernTipsy Underground‎

Line Up:


They have been selling out each event for some time now. Don't delay. You know this is going to be next level, get your ticket now to avoid disappointment.

  • Cost:
    • R360 - Online
    • R400 - At the Gate
    • R250 - Sunday Funday Ticket from 8am
  • When: 12 - 13 October 12pm - 5pm
  • Venue: Flenterkloof Farm Franschhoek
  • More Info: Exodus Festival 2019 - SouthernTipsy

November 2019

The outdoor scene is a buzz of excitement, don't believe us - have a peak at what November has on offer!

Our Minds Festival 2019

We are proud to announce the second instalment of Our Minds Festival.

@Our Minds‎

This year they are blessed to be able to host the event at a brand new venue 45 minutes from Cape Town! This incredible venue provides everything you desire when escaping from the city for the weekend, dancing under the moon and stars with friends, family and the Aliens.

Unique landscapes of red clay, a turquoise swimming Dam and beautiful tree's will ensure the perfect setting for traversing the universe on the backs of sonic unicorns! Saddle up folks, its going to be a wild wild ride.

Line Up:

  • Sense Datum (Bom Shanka Music UK)
  • Loose Connection

This years event, they will be working with Villiersdorp Green Initiative again to raise money to assist with the purchasing of and installation of storm drain catchment nets to minimise plastic that is released into river networks and the ocean. More info on this will be posted on the Our Minds facebook page in coming weeks. Please help and support the efforts as its up to US to be the change and make the changes.

Transport / Accommodation

Allow Psy-Ventures to ease your accommodation and transport stress this season!

Rent a pre-pitched tent with pillows, sheets and foam mattresses. Blankets or sleeping bags can be included at an additional price. Make use of their safe transport service to avoid drinking and driving.

  • Cost:
    • R420 - Full Weekend (Includes camping)
    • R300 - Sunday Funday
  • When: 8-10 November
  • Venue: TBA
  • More Info: Our Minds Festival 2019

Our vision at Vibescout is to provide the most relevant, current and comprehensive information.

If you feel we've missed something amazing or have any suggestions regarding our system, we would love to hear from you! Contact: info (at) vibescout.com

If you feel we've missed something amazing or have any suggestions regarding our system, we would love to hear from you! Contact: info (at) vibescout.com