Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2018 - 2019
Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2018 - 2019
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Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2018 - 2019
For all Cape Town psychedelic and outdoor festive fun, Vibescout has put together the ultimate list of trance parties happening in the Western Cape all year round.
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Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2018 - 2019

For all Cape Town psychedelic and outdoor festive fun, Vibescout has put together the ultimate list of trance parties happening in the Western Cape all year round.
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Outdoor and Trance Parties in & around Cape Town 2018 - 2019
For all Cape Town psychedelic and outdoor festive fun, Vibescout has put together the ultimate list of trance parties happening in the Western Cape all year round.

Being the widely accepted cultural hub of South Africa, it’s unsurprising that Cape Town has a lot going on in terms of its music scene.

Cape Town has begun to play host to some of the country’s best trance music events - operating on a scale that gives European cities a run for their money.

Here are some of the best Cape Town trance events happening in 2018 and 2019.

*This list will be updated monthly.

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January 2018
February 2018
March 2018
April 2018

January 2018

The Trance season is in full swing with the arrival of the warmer weather, get your stomping feet ready with our pick of only the best and biggest Trance parties this January.

Into The Wild | Raised By Wolves ft. Perfect

It’s almost time for the summer edition of ITW.

They will be hosting the legendary Perfect Stranger, perhaps one of our biggest musical inspirations when developing the concept for Into the Wild, he encapsulates everything they're about, the bridge between techno and progressive psytrance, the beauty in the subtle progression of sound.

You could argue he created the genre psytech, or at least has become the master of it. He will be previewing his new album celebrating 11 years of perfectly strange music, due for release on Iboga Records soon.

He will also be playing as his notorious techno act Yuli Fershtat, under which he has played some of the best sets in Boom & Ozora in recent years. As always you can expect traditionally long sets, and another unique local back to back set only seen in the wild!

DJ Line Up:

  • YETI

This event is a 14 hours non-stop stomp for over 18's only, so be sure to bring your ID or driver's license along to prove your age.

  • Ticket Price:
    • R250 - Early Bird
    • R300 - Phase 1
    • R350 - Phase 2
  • When: 13 -14 January, 11am - 1am
  • Venue: The Slaley Forest, Stellenbosch
  • Event Info: Facebook Page

Origin Festival 2018

A weekend of Psychedelic Music, visionary art and conscious culture. Known as the home of Origin is the beautiful Elandskloof, tucked away between Villiersdorp and Greyton, only 125 Km from Cape Town.

This lush green valley with its fresh mountain streams, welcoming forest filled with Oaks, YellowWoods and Redwoods, and towering mountain backdrops, beckons us once more for an adventure in connecting, laughing, relaxing and enjoying nature in all its glory.

This 3 day outdoor festival is an artists dreams with the Visionary Art Gallery displaying pieces from artists all around the world. There will also be workshops hosted for the duration of the festival.

Three dance floors will ensure your feet are stomping all festival long, with amazing sound quality and top notch decor its a visionary sensation.

DJ Line Up:

  • Avalon (Nano, UK)
  • Extrawelt (Cacoon, Germany) - As part of their "Fear of an Extra Planet" world Tour.
  • Earthspace (nano, Brazil)
  • Future Frequency (Nanon, UK)
  • Tongue & Groove (Nano, UK)
  • Nonoplex (Iboga, UK)
  • Josephine Wedekind (Digital Structures, Germany)
  • Anestetic (Timecode, Portugal)
  • DJ Zen (Iono, Netherlands)
  • Ayjo (Germany)
  • Killer Robot
  • Headroom
  • Thor Rixon (Live Set)
  • Regan
  • Abstract method
  • Ambient Spirit
  • B_Type
  • Bernz
  • Breaker
  • Broken Toy
  • Bruce
  • D_Know
  • Dala
  • Dantempo
  • Desktop Desktop
  • Drifter
  • Dusty Human
  • Dynamic Range
  • Firehorse
  • Groovity
  • Ian Skene
  • Josh mac
  • Kanan K7
  • Mikey Dredd
  • Pierre Estienne
  • Raj
  • Richard Marshall
  • Rob Sloan
  • Saai
  • Sadhu Sensi
  • Scamantrix
  • Shift Mawalele
  • Silo
  • Special K
  • Spekta
  • Tersius
  • The Commercial Hippies
  • The Great Veroni
  • Toby2Shoes
  • A Kettle Called Black
  • Zupa Wow

Like all outdoor festivals there will be camping facilities available and optional tent hiring options. The festival will feature shaded dance floors, lush camping, chill zones, swimming, food stalls, bars, medical facilities, strong and friendly security, craft and clothing market, clean toilets and showers.

  • Cost:
    • R440 - Early Bird (Sale Closed)
    • R490 - Phase 1 Full Weekend Pass (available until 14 Jan)
    • R550 - Phase 2 Full Weekend Pass (available until 26 Jan)
    • R350 - Sunday Ticket (Valid from 8:30am on 28 Jan)
  • When: 26 - 28 January 2018
  • Venue: Elandskloof Farm, Helderstroom
  • More Info: Website
  • Event Info: Facebook Event

February 2018

The shortest month of the year is upon us, yet there is no shortage of epic trance parties and outdoor festivals. Take a look at what's happening this February in and around Cape Town.

GET REAL | The Outdoor Ft. Gustavo Mota

It’s time to Get Real as Cape Town’s beautiful party people embark on a magical adventure of music, fantasy, love, sunshine, laughter and dance.

Escape the mundane and revel with them at the lush oasis located in the picturesque Stellenbosh, embark on a sonic journey fuelled by positivity, enchanting lights, immersive sounds and lose yourself in this mesmerising visual and sensory extravaganza.

Come and play across 2 dance floors showcasing an all-star line-up of music mastros - headed up by International Superstar Gustavo Mota and supported by a veritable who's who of SA Nightlife including Strange Loving, Yeti, Syzo, Dane Stirrat, Mogey, Jayms, Minx, LMC, Kilopascal, CASTO, Jamie Saint and more.

  • Cost:
    • R150 - Super Early Bird (SOLD OUT)
    • R180 - Early Bird
    • R220 - late Bird
    • R250 - The Night Life VIP (Limited)
  • When: 3 February, 12pm - 2am
  • Venue: Protea Fram, Stellenbosch
  • Full Event Info: Get Real | TRhe Outdoor Ft. Gustavo Mota

Sneaky Grounds - Volume 6

It's a New Year, its 2018 and Shambala are back! Bringing you the biggest event and back by popular demand to the South.

Sneaky Grounds is a 12 hour outdoor festival with thundering sound and bass, lazers, give aways and the best stage you will see this year. There will be food stalls and plenty of space to shake your booty.

The organisers have an incredible line up waiting for party goers, with massive headliners taking to the stage.

Line up:

  • Headroom
  • Rubix Qube
  • Unison
  • RoomMush
  • Priest
  • GonZo
  • Inoculum
  • Loophole
  • TerraKota
  • Drifter
  • Brontide

This event is a bring your own booze, so pack that cooler and get ready to party!

  • Cost:
    • R60 - Limited guestlist until 7pm
    • R100 - Before 9pm
    • R120 - Thereafter
  • When: 3 February, 4pm - 4am
  • Venue: Marksman Sports Shotting Club, 13-19 Plantation Rd, Ottery
  • Full Event Info: Sneaky Grounds - Volume 6

Beat Route - Techno & Trance - Gonzo VS D-rANg3D 2hr Exclusive

Beat Route is a small gathering that aims at attracting like-mined individuals to enjoy a feast of Musical Ear Candy.

They have arranged a playground that will comfortably accommodate 150 people and allow ample space to express yourself through dance and peaceful devotion to a greater consciousness.

Dj Line Up:

  • Unison
  • Carbon8 - DJ
  • Inoculum
  • Gonzo - DJ VS DJ D-rANg3D
  • Lu Psyfer

There will be some smashing drinks specials all night long, arrive early so you can take full advantage.

  • Dbl Vodka + Energy Drink - R20
  • Castle / Black Label Quart - R35
  • Mini Cocktail Jug (450ml) - R35
  • 2 x Dbl Brandy + Coke - R50
  • 6 x Jagerbombs - R120

There will be also be a fully operational kitchen serving up tasty snack and light meals all night long.

The Enchanted Forest bares many gifts and hidden talents which have been kept secret for many centuries.

Only the most valiant of warriors make it to these treasured lands. The path that leads to the Overlord’s den is something no man, nor woman, has ever dared to walk… But with great risk….comes great reward!

EQUINOX Experience presents a 3 day forest festival – taking you on a carefully curated musical journey through the realms of House, Techno and Progressive Psy-Trance, tucked deep inside a century old pine forest, majestically nestled at the foot of the second highest mountain in the province!

These spoken lands boast the crème de la crème of both our local South African and International talent, supported by mythically skilled Visual Arts Experts..... ensuring you leave musically and magically fulfilled!!!!

Let the music guide you..... but more importantly.....

Pay Attention To Your Senses.

Line up:

  • Ambient / House / Techno Elves
    • Sawlead Ground (Special Techno Set)
    • BamBeano
    • BANDER VS Lewis. (DBN)
    • Craig Shacid
    • Daniella da Silva
    • Deadbeat FM
    • DeFuse
    • Erebus (Jhb)
    • LEEU LIVE (Jhb - Special Guest)
    • Mark Valsecchii
    • Mogey
    • Nick Grater (Jhb)
    • Paz Shina LIVE 
    • Ryan Hill
    • Shugga (Dbn)
    • STAB Virus
    • Vo (Jhb)
    • Wulfsohn
  • Progressive / PsyTrance Mage Pool
    • Querox
    • Timelock
    • Sawlead Ground (Prog PsyTrance Set)
    • 34' South
    • Bongi
    • DAN SCOT NBM Records
    • Deliriant
    • Gonzo - DJ
    • RoomMush
    • Rubix Qube
    • Phixius Portal - ZA
    • Quantum Project VJ

The best party is with your closest friends! EQUINOX is an Exclusive "Invite-By-Nature” event that believes "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree!" 

If you have been to EQUINOX before, you may invite 3 friends. If not, apply and attend. The year after, you will gain this invite privilege.

  • Cost:
    • R500 - Limited until November 2017
    • R550 - Until December 2017
    • R600 - Until January 2018
    • R680 - Until February 2018
  • When: 16 - 18 February, 12pm - 6pm
  • Venue: Ceres, Western Cape
  • Event Info: Facebook Page

Eden ft. KVSH (Bra), Ryan Murgatroyd & Kostakis Live & more

EDEN presents one of our most exclusive experiences to date. As always, we will be showcasing some of the best local artists as well as world renown international artists.

As always, the Eden team promises to bring you the freshest local and international talent in good quality Dance Music.

For this exclusive, intimate event they will be welcoming some of South Africa's biggest names, as well as an act who is taking the world of dance music by storm, KVSH!

Dj Line Up:

  • KVSH (Brazil)
  • Ryan Murgatroyd & Kostakis LIVE
  • L.A. Cruz & Master Simz (JHB)
  • Dane Stirrat B2B Brett Aitken
  • IKon & Kilopascal DJ
  • Byron B-Soulful

With Ampere Event Technology behind the production you can expect World-Class visual and sonic experiences at this February's EDEN!

There will be an Eden Food village and a fully stocked bar thanks to Carbon Events Bar Services! Card facilities will be available at the festival!

  • Cost:
    • R300 - Early Bird SOLD OUT
    • R360 - Phase 2
    • R420 - Phase 3
  • When: 17 February, 12pm - 12am
  • Venue: Wagon Trail Brewery, Anura Vineyards, Stellenbosch
  • Event Info: Facebook Event

Alien Safari Wild Spirits

We are all Wanderers,on this Earth. Our Hearts are full of Wonder, and our Souls are deep with Dreams.

The hosts of Masqued Ball and the famous Flying Circus return with Wild Spirits.

Wild Spirits will replace Masqued Ball this year. This is in line with their vission to move to smaller more intimate events. They used to do events called Wild Spirits Strong Medicine and so, the name derives from that.

Line Up:

  • Eat Static :: UK
  • Mesmobeat
  • Solstice
  • Twisted
  • Interchill
  • TIP
  • Fagin's Reject :: UK
  • Wildthings
  • Giuseppe :: Parvati
  • Broken Toy
  • Brontide
  • D Jay Mark
  • DJ Bruce
  • Dynamic Range
  • The Elusive Gluon
  • Gandalf Grey
  • Loophole
  • Priest
  • Profound
  • Shockwave
  • Skitzo

These events are a platform and catalyst for the search for truth and love. Never conform. Never stop questioning. Stand up and change the world. Always sing your song of freedom.

Organisers have arranged shuttle services to cart party goers to and from the venue at a small fee.

  • Shuttles:
    • Cost Round Trip:
      • R280 pp (individual)
      • R270 pp (Booking of 2 or more)
      • R260 pp (Booking of 4 or more)
    • Where:
      • Pick up and drop off at Burger King, Cape Town
    • Bookings:
      • 081 522 4471 - Shaun

There will be camping facilities available, both bring your own and pre set up camping areas, booking is essential. The bars will have credit card facilities but unfortunately there will be no ATM's at the venue so have cash ready.

  • Cost:
    • R420 - Online Pre Sale
  • Date: 24 - 25 February, 10am - 4pm
  • Venue: Kogel Baai, Gordons Bay
  • Full Event Info: Alien Safari Wild Spirits

March 2018

Global warming has done something crazy to our South African summers, they seem to extend long after falls arrival. With summer being as long as it is, there is no shortage in outdoor festivals in and around Cape Town.

SpiritFest 2018

SpiritFest is more than just a yoga festival. It's a spirit-full festival that brings body, mind and spirit together to nurture in nature.

SpiritFest attracts a conscious community of individuals, couples and families who want to play, explore, relax and dive deeper in a safe and relaxed, natural and alcohol-free environment. So expect children running and playing out in the open, meditators getting up at the crack of dawn, nature lovers swimming until sunset and yogi's stretching their physical and spiritual limits until the stars come out and the music kicks in with blissful beats that will keep you grooving until bedtime.

The festival is spread out over a beautiful natural landscape and river, allowing plenty of room to breath, move and be together… or alone. Everything is within easy walking distance… including nature walks and waterfalls. So if you want to be surrounded by people or nature, it’s your choice. Both options are open and available to you.

  • Cost:
    • R800 - pp (closes in 1 February)
    • R950 - pp
  • When: 1 - 5 March 2018
  • Venue: Somerset Gift Getaway Farm, Swellendam
  • Full Event Info: SpiritFest 2018

Love & Light Day Festival

In March they embark on their second instalment of the 2017/2018 summer with Love & Light.

They are bringing along another stellar and world-class lineup featuring some of the best international progressive psytrance producers and DJ's including:

Dj Line Up:

  • Morten Granau
  • DJ Emok
  • Phaxe

The team will be creating a beautiful space for all of their Love & Light friends and family to come together in the mutual love for music, adventure and expression. They cannot wait to go on this magical journey with you.

  • Cost:
    • R250 - Early Lover
    • R300 - General Lover
    • R350 - Late Lover
  • When: 3 March 2018, 11am - 2am
  • Venue: Nelson Wine Estate, R44, Paarl.
  • Event Info: Facebook Event

Altered States Lunar 2018

Altered States remains a highlight on the beloved Psytrance calendar, and known as one of the few authentic and underground psychedelic gatherings left in Cape Town.

Altered States are very proud to welcome old and new Altered States lovers to join our special gathering. This gathering is about more than juts the music, the organisers have prepared full days of entertainment as well as a killer line up:

  • Ward 10
  • Dan Scot
  • Sonic Druid - Zenon Records
  • Tune Raider
  • K - Jos
  • Geoffrey JHB/KZN
  • ZZBING - Woo-Dog Records UK
  • Tersius
  • Drifter VS Daroom
  • Absynth
  • Dynamic Range
  • Prefix
  • Dala

This 3 day festival is calling all trance lovers connecting them through music and spirit. There will be plenty of food options available as well as full functioning bars to keep you lubricated under the South African sun.

  • Cost:
    • R320 - Early Bird (Limited 200)
    • R350 - Full Wkend Pass
    • R380 - At the Gate
    • R250 - 8am Sunday pass ( At the Gate)
  • When: 9-11 March, 4pm
  • Venue: Jongenskloof Country Retreat
  • Full Event Info: Altered States Lunar 2018

Tea in the Tree | A Whimsical Tale

Tea in the tree is a multi-genre day festival consisting of both acoustic and electronic bands during the day, and funked out disco, house, tech, and melodic electronica at night.

This festival revolving around fun, and venturing into the unknown, provides a platform for local talent to thrive. Beautiful locations, carefully crafted line ups, and attention to detail make this garden party experience unique.

The sister festival of Into the Wild Experience, Tea in the Tree is the natural evolution of the acoustic garden stage featured at Into the Wild Raised by Wolves in January 2017.

Line Up:

  • Native Young
  • Jackal & The Wind
  • Two Minute Puzzle
  • Ben Dey & the Concrete Lions
  • Daena Weeks
  • Terrasoul
  • Bambeano
  • Sacred Sun

Ridgemore Villa will play host to this epic gathering, the lush green gardens seem to not be feeling the drought at all. The organisers have provided a shuttle service that will leave from Sea Point library and will return the following morning for drop offs.

  • Cost:
    • R200 - Early Tea Cup
    • R250 - Normal Tea Cup
  • Shuttle Services:
    • Departs at 12pm
    • R140 - per person
    • Purchase Shuttle tickets here
  • When: 10 - 11 March, 12pm - 12am
  • Venue: Ridgemor Villa Guesthouse, R102 Figrove, Somerset West
  • Full Event Info: Tea in the Tree | A Whimsical Tale

TRANSylvania: New Dawn

Upon the conclusion of the second chapter of Redemption Island series, Transylvania are excited to announce their move into a New Dawn.

They have found a new home, one which allows them to party for 27 hours straight with no interruptions or breaks in music.

DJ Line Up:

  • RoomMush
  • Phixius
  • Plastic Vision
  • Priest (LIVE)
  • Capes (LIVE)
  • Final Flash (LIVE)
  • Rubix Cube (LIVE)
  • Biorhythm
  • Loophole (LIVE)
  • The Mentals (LIVE)
  • Can Of Tomotao Soup (LIVE)
  • TerraMoon
  • Archive
  • Fright Rate (LIVE)
  • Jester
  • EMP (LIVE)
  • Shameless (LIVE)
  • Deliriant (LIVE)
  • sHiFt (LIVE)
  • Qube and Dyce (LIVE)
  • Tune Raider
  • Mark
  • Dave Mac

80% of the line-up will consist of full-on/psychedelic/higher BPM beats, which means get ready for full-on psychedelia during the daytime, including Sunday. They are bringing back psychedelics to the Mother City.

  • Cost:
    • R280 - Phase 1 (SOLD OUT)
    • R320 - Phase 2
    • R360 - Phase 3
    • R400 - Phase 4
    • R420 - At the Gate
  • When: 17 - 18 March 2018
  • Venue: Malmesbury - Western Cape
  • Full Event Info: TRANSylvania: New Dawn

Vortex Parallel Universe Easter Weekend

The home of Vortex Trance Adventures for many years, Easter Vortex, is thrilled to return to the Circle of Dreams, a space where the trance dance ritual is held sacred and conscious vibrations lead to new perceptions of mind expansion.

Join the circle for a weekend of connectedness, togetherness, happiness, peace and love all shared in a truly magical space. Dance under the African sky amidst the forest, endless river and mystical mountain range, as it all comes together in a dazzling display of radiance and energy.

There will be 4 international headliners, and organisers are keeping mum about who they are for now and we're excited to find out closer to the event, so stay tuned as we will include the DJ line up as soon as it's released.

Join them at the Circle of Dreams for an outdoor gathering you will not forget!

  • Cost:
    • R450 - Early Bird (Online)
    • R470 - Pre Sale (Outlets)
    • R480 - Full Festival Pass (Online)
    • R550 - At the Gate
  • When: 31 March - 2 April, 10am - 4pm
  • Venue: Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend
  • Full Event Info: Vortex Parallel Universe Easter Weekend

April 2018

The outdoor festival season is drawing to a close as the colder weather creeps in, but that doesn't mean there will be any shortages on entertainment this April.

Organik ~ Love Project ~ 2018

Love Project is a gathering for family and friends taking place at the dreamlike utopian venue just outside Caledon.

This year they return to one of our favourite venues just outside Caledon. Lush camping areas set next to a mountain stream and a fully tree shaded dance floor!

The line up will be announced soon, so stay tuned to find out more. Bring your tent and setup a campsite with your friends. There is a dedicated camping area and access to this is included in your ticket price.

Please bring any spare blankets and clothing you may have. These will be donated to the less fortunate, there will be a collection box at the gate.
  • Cost:
    • R340 - Early Bird
    • R340 - Sunday Ticket active from 8am
    • R410 - Pre Sale
    • R450 - At the Gate
  • When: 14 - 15 April, 11am - 4pm
  • Venue: Google Map pin (near Caledon)
  • Full Event Info: Organik ~ Love Project ~ 2018

AfrikaBurn 2018

In their 12th year, they will once again gather to build, create, perform, share and dream on the blank canvas of the Tankwa!

To create the magic of Tankwa Town takes a lot of hard work - and only together can we perform the magic of building a temporary city, filling it, and then making it vanish, leaving no trace.

This is not your average outdoor festival, but rather a community gathering and sharing of oneness. The festival is themed each year and applications occur way in advance.

Preparing for AfrikaBurn can be daunting but the organisers have put together a helpful guide on everything you need to know to attend the burn. To read up about the 11 principles behind the Burn, click here.

They have also put together a handy survival guide on surviving the Burn, you can read it here.

  • Cost:
    • This is not your average event and this is not a spectator sport, crews and communities have first dibs on ticket purchases.
    • Apply for tickets here
  • When: 23 - 29 April
  • Venue: Binnekring Rd, Tankwa town, Cape Town
  • Full Event Info: AfrikaBurn 2018
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