9 Steaming Coffee Spots in Cape Town
9 Steaming Coffee Spots in Cape Town
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9 Steaming Coffee Spots in Cape Town
Coffee connoisseurs of Cape Town have acquired a taste for only the best roasts Africa has to offer. Below we have listed the best coffee spots in the Cape.
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9 Steaming Coffee Spots in Cape Town

Coffee connoisseurs of Cape Town have acquired a taste for only the best roasts Africa has to offer. Below we have listed the best coffee spots in the Cape.
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9 Steaming Coffee Spots in Cape Town
Coffee connoisseurs of Cape Town have acquired a taste for only the best roasts Africa has to offer. Below we have listed the best coffee spots in the Cape.

Quick JumpTruth Coffee RoastingBean There Coffee CompanyRosetta RoasteryOrigin Coffee RoastingEspresso Lab Micro RoastersBootleggersTribe Coffee RoastingCoco SafarBilly Boo Bakery

Capetonians have always shared a love of coffee, resulting in some of the best coffee houses and roasteries. Coffee shop stops after a morning cycle and in-between meetings is what it’s all about!

Truth Coffee Roasting

Flyest coffee this side of townTruth Coffee

This steampunk-themed coffee shop found on Buitenkant Street has been rated the best coffee shop in the world, making it a definite must for coffee lovers! The smell of coffee permeates the air in their super trendy unique cafe. They also offer great food so why not make the most of it? If you are very serious about coffee, you may want to add this spot to your list of regular hangouts.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 7am - 6pm
    • Sat, 8am - 6pm
    • Sun, 8am - 2pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 200 0440
  • Address: 36 Buitenkant St, Cape Town
  • More Info: Website

Bean There Coffee Company

Grab a cheeky cup of coffee at Bean There@sejanejamieson

“Bean there, done that, got the T-shirt.”

It’s not simply an expression at this coffee shop, you really can get a T-shirt from their online store. This trendy coffee shop can be found in Wale Street in the City Centre. They offer a variety of blends from the DR Congo, Tanzania and Kenya to suit a variety of tastes.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Friday, 7:30am - 4pm
  • Contact Number: 087 943 2228
  • Address: 58 Wale St, Cape Town
  • More Info: Website

Rosetta Roastery

Quaint coffee shop with great coffee@rosettaroastery

Rosetta Roastery is one of South Africa’s best coffee houses, sourcing its beans from South and Central America as well as Africa and Asia. Carefully micro-roasted to provide the best quality and taste you can achieve from each individual blend. Selling coffee straight to the public from their roastery in Woodstock, the cafe is decorated with dark wood and raw finishes creating the perfect hipster environment.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm
    • Sat 9am - 1pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 447 4099
  • Address: 66 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town
  • More Info: Website

Origin Coffee Roasting

Made from a fresh cup of beans@beautymatters86

The brainchild behind Origin Coffee Roasting is Joel Singer, he founded Origin in 2006. At Origin they are passionate about coffee, from the sourcing of beans to the meticulous task of roasting them to bring out the best flavours. Visit their locations for coffee cupping sessions, viewing the roastery or just enjoy freshly expressed coffee.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm
    • Sat, 8am-3pm
    • Sun, 9am-2pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 421 1000
  • Address: 28 Hudson St, De Waterkant, Cape Town
  • More Info: Website

Espresso Lab Micro Roasters

An almost scientific approach to coffee making@espressolab

Based in the Old Biscuit Mill, Espresso Labs is a specialty coffee roastery. Selling both to the public and in bulk, they aim to extract the best flavours from raw cherries. With special attention being paid to sustainability, their cherries come directly from small farms to their roastery where careful detail is paid to extracting those fruity flavours.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon - Fri, 8am-4pm
    • Sat, 8am-2:30pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 447 0845
  • Address: 375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town
  • More Info: Website


They are unapologetically passionate about coffee@goodweatherforducks

Bootleggers was started by three best friends, Pieter Bloem, De Waal Basson and Antonie Basson. Each store contains carefully selected lines from AC/DC which are lit up with neon lights. Their cafe boasts foods prepared with fresh local produce straight to your plate, complementing your coffee perfectly.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 6:30am-10pm
    • Sat-Sun, 7:30am-10pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 434 0060
  • Address: 39 Regent Rd, Sea Point
  • More Info: Bootleggers

Tribe Coffee Roasting

Handpicked blends result in great flavourtribecoffeeroasting

Tribe Coffee Roasting has two cafes in Cape Town, but the heart of the operations can be found in Woodstock. Their roastery is open to the public where you will be invited in and taught about the roasting process.

A hub of excitement and energy is what you can expect to find with tasty treats and cafe foods available at both venues. They are known for supporting the little man in the big coffee economy, boosting South African economy first in order to create a sustainable foundation for the future of coffee in SA.

They pride themselves on their expert barista training services and often see their own baristas competing at international coffee competitions.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm
    • Sat, 9am-1pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 448 3362
  • Address: The Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Rd, Woodstock
  • More Info: Website
We recommend trying their chocolate brownies, which are to die for!

Coco Safar

French style luxury cafe coffee experience@cocosafarsa

Coco Safar cafe is a French style luxury cafe dining and coffee experience. They aim to encapsulate you within their opulent setting with gourmet pastries made by pastry artisans from Cape Town and New York. The cafe is cinematically lit with cosy nooks found throughout.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 7:30am-9pm
    • Sat, 8:30am-9pm
    • Sun, 8:30am-6pm
  • Contact Number: (021) 671 1607
  • Address: Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont
  • More Info: Website

Billy Boo Bakery

The ultimate pastry destination@tao_billyboos

Billy Boo Bakery, formerly known as Petite Bouchee (The little things we love), is your ultimate pastry destination. Master chef, Lianne Holt, offers scrumptious baked goods that stand out from the rest. They specialise in custom cake designs for all your special occasions. Not only do they serve amazing tasty sweet treats they are also accompanied by excellently brewed coffee. With raving reviews Billy Boo Bakery is your one-stop cake destination.

  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri, 7am-5:30pm
    • Sat, 8am-2pm
  • Contact Number: 072 846 1908
  • Address: 61A Station Rd, Observatory, Cape Town
  • More Info: Website

With a selection like this, these top 9 coffee spots in Cape Town should be included on every connoisseurs coffee stop bucket list.

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