Managing Emotions for Success for Women Leaders : Protea Hotel by Marriott Durban Umhlanga Ridge

Managing Emotions for Success

15th Nov, 06:00 am7 months ago
15th Nov, 02:00 pm

Do you ever wake up tired and you still have a whole day ahead of you?

Does your work no longer excite you?

Are you drained with conflicts in relationships?

Do you set goals and get frustrated when you fail to achieve them?

Does your money stress you?

Join us and learn how emotions affect these areas of your life.

Managing Emotions for Success for Women

15 November 2017, Protea Hotel Umhlanga

Cost: R1680.00 (incl VAT)

Good day

''Don't be emotional about it'' is a common maxim we have all been taught and I often joke that it is usually gendered. It is often men referring to women and if a man is referred to as ''being emotional'', then it carries a connotation they are acting like a woman.

The question I always ask is who is not emotional? Do we describe behaviour which is an output of emotions or how people choose to express their emotions as emotional?

Our beliefs and perceptions of emotions can be beneficial or detrimental,as that affect how we deal with emotions. Hence emotional literacy is critical for everyone to assist individuals in managing their own and other's emotions.

Emotions affect performance at work,results at work and in life, quality of relationships at work and home, parenting skills, financial results, health and lifestyle.

Given that research has shown that women have a bigger emotional brain and that our womb has 72 000 nerve endings, it is key for us to master how to manage our emotions to connect with our centre of our gravity.

The 1 day Managing Emotions for Success for Women will focus on:

The Neuro-Anatomy of Emotions: Understanding your Emotions -Raising your level of Awareness

Releasing negative emotions to boost your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy

Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom ((spending, investing, saving, debt)

The effects of trauma on performance

Recalibrating your Self-Image to raise your self-worth

Emotions and Relationships (self, work, marriage, friendships and children)

Emotions and Symptoms (Women Diseases, Wellness)

Lifestyle Prescriptions for Peak Performance

Every woman participant will receive a free META-Analysis (Mind Body Social Connection) and an emotional growth action plan.

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About your expert Facilitator:

Mavis Mazhura/Ureke is a Human Behaviour Specialist, author of several books including: Navigating The Rapids and Waves of Life: 10 Lessons to Managing Emotions for Success; Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom: The Invisible Forces Driving your Money Habits; Heart Boundaries; co-author of The Change and Aspire, Awaken and Actualise. She is the cofounder of Training B2B CC, a leading provider of emotional intelligence training. She is a frequent speaker/trainer/facilitator and keynote speaker at public and private engagements.Mavis is a media personality, regular appearance on Business Day TV, other channels and radio, city press column author: Your Emotions, Your Money,

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker, An affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate Certified Personal Strength Facilitator, Certified Master Trainer Emotional Intelligence HumaNext, 6Seconds and TalentSmart. Certified Fatigue Management Circadian and certified META-health practitioner on Mind Body Social Connection-How emotions contribute to the onset of disease.


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