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14th Sep, 04:30 pm9 months ago
14th Sep, 07:30 pm

Kalashnikovv Gallery is proud to present 2 debut solo presentations, one by Elizaveta Rukavishnikova and one Nathan Jansen Van Vuuren

Both painters in our opinion are some of the most forward thinking young artists on the South African scene both aesthetically and theoretically.

Elizaveta will present "HEART ATTACK" in the main Gallery Section

My work is about role that politics plays in human beings and their relationship with their environment. Painting and drawing are the main mediums that I use to depict this relationship. The recent works that feature this exhibition (Mama China, Mama India and Mama Russia) also touch on colonialism.

I look into the differences and similarities between Russian and South African culture and politics as a way to understand South Africa as a foreigner. This facilitated as my research journey that informs the content for my new works. It also allowed me to see the South African environment and its people through my Russian lens.

I use themes such as bad and good to pose a philosophical question about what is good and what is bad. This philosophical question aims to encourage the viewer to make up their own minds about about values, ethics and morality.

The aim is to explore people's nature without depicting their nature in an expected and standardised way. It is to see these themes from my personal perspective and to empower people to be able to employ their perspectives in understanding of themselves. So, ultimately the aim is to put the viewer at the centre of the relationship they have with their environment.

My work also seeks to highlight the multiple ways in how these ideas link, connect or relate to one another. In mirroring these connections the viewer can then appreciate the complexities inherent in ideas and their relationship with culture and the world. Therefore, in my work, I'm not trying to stipulate what impression the viewer gets but rather to encourage the viewer to formulate their own ideas.

I decided to title this exhibition Heart Attack as a way of demonstrating contentious nature of the relationship that exists between corporations, governments and people. People's feelings and perceptions are usually exploited in this relationship towards and end deemed either good or bad. People's perceptions and feelings; signified by the hearts in the paintings and drawings, are a powerful weapon that can respond to this relationship with big corporations and government.

Love then becomes a weapon powerful enough to tackle big corporations and government. This is in response to how I feel that love has been used as a tool for propaganda which invokes fundamentalist views which in turn create hate and conflict.

The exhibition aims to inspire people to realize that power is in their hearts and not in the hands of big corporations and the government.

Elizaveta Sep 2017

Nathan Vuuren will present "Seeing the Future" in Wreckroom.

Nathan Vuuren continues with his pop-collage inspired paintings exploring the themes of skulls and masks. In this series of work Vuuren explores the idea of Memento mori. This Latin expression translates as 'remember you must die'. Memento mori paintings usually depict a portrait with a skull and other symbols. The exhibitions title “Seeing the Future” explores the inevitability of our existence spurring on questions regarding mortality, eternity, material pursuits and ideal beauty.

We are also lucky enough to have Frederick Clarke, an outstanding visual artist in his own right doing a live set under his sonic alias Premath in the Garage.