Patchwork at the Cradle of Creativity : Baxter Theatre

Pillow Fort Productions

19th May, 08:00 ama year ago
20th May, 01:00 pm

Patchwork, the award-winning play for babies and toddlers is back! This time we are participating in the brilliantly exciting Cradle of Creativity: The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and International Theatre Festival for Children and Young Audiences!

We're on in the Masambe Theatre at the Baxter. We only have three performances so be sure to grab your tickets now!

Friday 19th @ 10:00

Saturday 20th @ 10:00

Saturday 20th @ 15:00

There are so many other wonderful shows on at the Festival;

- from all over the world!

- for children of all ages!

- in every kind of performance style!

So be sure to check out the whole Festival program:

See you all there!

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The award-winning Patchwork is one of South Africa`s first Early Years theatre productions. Since it was created in 2014 with a seed-funding grant from the European Small Size Network, Patchwork has toured extensively, from international festivals in Italy and Iran to rural South African schools.

The whole show unfolds around a bed: the place where the comfort of home meets the strange world of dreams. In this world pillows become creatures learning to fly, a sheet dances with a life of its own, a teddy and a lamp make best friends, and the proverbial cow jumps over the moon (as do the sheep and the dinosaur).

Patchwork was developed through intense research with the age group, to develop a theatrical language that meets our audience eye-to-eye, mind-to-mind.