Introducing the Snake-eating Snakes of Southern Africa : Cape Union Mart - Canal Walk Adventure Centre

Cape Union Mart

16th May, 05:30 pm11 days ago
16th May, 08:00 pm

Many snakes are considered fearsome predators, but did you know that some also hunt their own kind? Learn more about the snakes that eat other snakes and what may lie behind it. Bryan and Robin Maritz of the University of the Western Cape work to understand snake diets, and what those diets mean for populations and ecosystems. This talk will introduce you to southern Africa’s remarkable diversity of snake-eating snakes, highlighting some special cases uncovered in their recent research and fieldwork.

Cape Union Mart and Wild have partnered to bring you talks on the great outdoors and conservation issues. Talks include refreshments and discounted shopping at Cape Union Mart.

Cape Union Mart - Canal Walk Adventure Centre

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