Lunchtime Lectures #2: Cryptocurrency & navigating the craziness : Red & Yellow School

Red & Yellow School

15th Nov, 10:00 am7 months ago
15th Nov, 11:00 am

The second installation of this FREE series features Gavin Marshall, founder of Sharebit - a blockchain-based app, with his talk about cryptocurrency at its all-time high and how we navigate through the craziness. He asks the questions, “Where is this all going? Is it simply a fad, or the next tsunami of disruption since the internet?”

Gavin is a consultant and trainer at Blockchain Academy and has experience as the head of innovation at a mobile social network, Mxit. He’s also worked in product development at Nigerian e-commerce company, Konga. Both of these gave him the technical experience and network to bring Sharebit to the market in 2016.

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