Us Vol. 1 : The Drawing Room Café


13th Jan, 06:00 pm6 months ago
14th Jan, 10:00 am

Yes Man as we start the year on this day the 13th. Us will have some homies sitting down and playing their guitars for the delight of our ears and souls.

The idea for this Vol 1 is a soft listening session and as this community grows so will the style of each event and spaces that will be held by Us.

The musicians........

Daena Weeks

Bam Bam Brown

Miles Seivwright

Jules Terea

As the sound comes so will some beautiful visuals to create an all immersive experience.

The fee.... R60

The group goal of all the events is to create space for growth between all involved and from the end to move the revenue created for a project thats still to be chosen for the betterment of our greater community.

Join Us as we walk together and share space with in the coming moments.