The Official Unofficial Spring Day Afterparty : The Jolly Roger, Hatfield

King of the Communes

13th Sep, 03:00 pm8 months ago
14th Sep, 10:00 am

What to do when your Spring Day Party is over and you're still going strong (or not)?

We are proud to bring you another FREE Spring Day Afterparty to keep you from going home on this infamous day.

Details are simple - R20 Craft Beers, R45 2x Brandy and coke, and R60 for a ROBOT.

The Jolly Roger will also be the last stop for the Spring Day Party Bus 2017, so if you missed out on a ticket come and join the fun!

Your Line-up will be revealed later in the week, we can't wait to see you all there to end off Spring Day on another crazy note.

Stay tuned for more Dirty details X