Mandela Day 2018 - Lock in your heart at Woodrock : Woodrock Animal Rescue

Woodrock Animal Rescue

18th Jul, 07:00 am2 months ago
18th Jul, 01:00 pm

LOCK IN YOUR HEART FOR MANDELA DAY! Come along to Woodrock Animal Rescue on Wednesday 18th July 2018, to take part in our lock and key project. For R67 you purchase a padlock from us, and secure the padlock onto our fence at the entrance to our shelter known as the “Bridge of commitment to animals”. By doing so you will be locking your heart into animal welfare. This lock will be your commitment to a great man’s vision. Taking the key home with you this key will be a reminder of the animals locked away without a voice, without a choice, that depend on Man. We reflect on the years that Madiba was locked away without a choice without a voice.

Date: Wednesday 18th July 2018

Time: 9am to 3pm

Venue: Woodrock Animal Rescue

We are on Plot 51, on the R511 between Fourways and Hartbeespoort, Hennops River Valley, Gauteng, South Africa.

"We dedicate this day to all the heroes and heroines in South Africa who want to make this world a better place” DR. Nelson Mandela.

Animals in our care have our unified commitment and we will provide the very best care that we can. This costs money. You the public are our pillars that “make the change we wish to see” Dr. Nelson Mandela.

WOOF WOOF! Public participation would be HUGELY appreciated!

CAN'T JOIN ON THE DAY, BUT STILL WANT TO HELP? If you cannot join us on Mandela Day, please consider donating towards the Woodrock Animal Rescue Mandela Day 2018 Sterilisation Drive Project. Our goal is to raise R67 000. This will enable us to sterilise 100 animals. Donate via our Backabuddy Page at


First National Bank

Cheque Acc: 62463902299

Branch code: 254005


OR SMS “STERI” to 40733 and donate R20

Thank you and Paw Salute!