Brazilian Film Week : The Bioscope Independent Cinema

The Bioscope Independent Cinema

16th Nov, 05:30 pm8 months ago
19th Nov, 04:30 pm

The Bioscope Independent Cinema, The Embassy of Brazil in Pretoria and the Brazil- South Africa Cultural Centre presents the Brazilian Film Week 2017.


16 Novemeber 7h30PM:

Xingu (2012)

Drected by: Cao Hamburger

This biographical fiction tells the story of the Brazilian Villas-Bôas brothers, who joined an expedition along the Xingu River in the 1940’s, to explore the Western hinterlands of Brazil

17 November 7h30PM:

Bossa Nova (2000)

Directed by: Bruno Barreto

This feel-good, easygoing romantic comedy has the beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro as its background. It tells the story of Miss Simpson, a US citizen who teaches English to Brazilians.

18 November 4PM:

Aquarius (2016)

Directed by: Kleber Mendonça

This award-winning film has been acclaimed by critics and was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. A retired music writer, Clara lives in the building “Aquarius” in the city of Recife, Brazil. When constructors try to buy out all the apartments in order to demolish the building, she refuses the proposal and decides to stay, even though all the neighbors have left.

19 November:

4PM: The Clown (2011)

Directed by: Selton Mello

In this Brazilian huge box-office success, Benjamin and Valdemar work together as the clowns Pangaré (“Ordinary Horse”) and Sangue Puro (“Pure Blood”). Benjamin is a clown without an ID, birth certificate or proof of residence. He lives on the roads roaming throughout the interior of Brazil with the Circus of Hope.

6h30 PM: Neon Bull (2015)

Directed by: Gabriel Mascaro

Iremar is a bull handler who works at traditional rodeos in Northeastern Brazil. The truck used to transport the animals serves as his home, which he shares with Galega, an exotic dancer, truck driver and mother to her spirited and cheeky daughter Cacá, and Zé, his rotund compadre in the bull pen.