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Taste Life Café

14th Aug, 06:30 ama year ago
14th Aug, 07:30 am

A woman's heart is so special. It needs to be cherished and looked after. A mother is in need of encouragement, strength, love and laughter.

The Life Group is a place where all Women and Mother's can come together once a week to share life, pray for each other and our children, and encourage each other through the promises of God's Word.

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." -Matt 18:10

The Life Group will take place in The Life Room @ Taste Life Cafe.

Mothers are welcome to bring their little one's.

Don't let the winter scare you - The heater will be on to warm our bodies and God's presence will warm our hearts.

Waiters will also be at your service for any orders.

For more info please contact Monique on 083 276 4658 /