Mini Drink & Draw what yo mama gave you : Wolves

Drink and Draw Joburg

14th Sep, 04:00 pm9 months ago
14th Sep, 08:00 pm

It's heritage month! Let's draw all the things that make us proud to be locals, the things we miss when we go over the seas for long periods of time and the things our mamas (and papas) gave us.

The guys at Wolves are so proud to be South African, that they're selling all local beers at R20 a bottle! All. Night. Long. Say whaaaaat? Phuza Thursday, indeed!

As always, we will have A5 paper for those of you that want to donate drawings to 1000 Drawings.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We will have colouring pencils for those of you that don't have drawing stuff. Your own prefered drawing tools are always welcome, though.

Remember that entrance is FREEEEEEEEEEE.